THE LITTLE COUPLE: Kids Start School, Who Will Miss Them More?

THE LITTLE COUPLE marks another milestone in tonight’s show. Will and Zoey are ready to go to pre-school and it is the first test of whether Jen Arnold and Bill Klein can let go, even for a few hours.

They have been a solid unit of four since Zoey was adopted, even while Jen was in the hospital. The couple kept people away from their home for six weeks after each child was brought home from the orphanage.

It’s called bonding and fans of THE LITTLE COUPLE know that process is a success. That brings us to the first day of pre-school.

In the video posted below, watch the ordeal of snapping a quick photo of the kids prior to getting them into the SUV. Bill has said that trying to get the two out the door is like herding cats. Same principle in this situation.

This season on THE LITTLE COUPLE “real life” begins with the kids experiencing “firsts” of all sorts. That means Bill and Jen are going through that too.

Who will get sad and miss Will and Zoey more while they attend school?

TLC airs THE LITTLE COUPLE Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image and video credit: TLC, used with permission.

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20 thoughts on “THE LITTLE COUPLE: Kids Start School, Who Will Miss Them More?

  1. To think that some people think, Jen and Bill are doing such a damn good job parenting, is JOKE!

    Will needs some discipline bad! He was telling Jen NO and, move. He will be beating, both of their ass’s this time next year and, he should! This brat is getting worse with his bad behavior. I don’t like this kid at all.

    • Thought I was the only one. He throws tempers when he doesn’t get his way, they tell him no about something he does it anyway and they ignore the situation. He is very territorial which is understanding since he was in an adoption place but still they need to change that. I don’t like zoeys behavior either she is turning out the same way and always screams when she doesn’t want to do something but hers is more understandable because she is honestly just scared and confused about everything. But Will is just straight up taking advantage of their kindness . I wish I was their babysitter

      • You and me both as for being his babysitter! I would like to know, WTH was Bill and Jen when Will was hitting Zoey in her head during her B’day party. That was not right for him to be allowed, to do that to her and yet some of their @$$ kissers, think he is so good to Zoey when he’s not!

  2. I agree I think the reason we are not getting updates on the kids is because he is still not potty trained, probably is home schooled and worse than ever. I bet he is completely out of control. Can you imagine a teacher dealing with his extra large horrible ass in addition to a class filled with other kids whom he probably tries to hit and bully like he does his mom unless he is trying to continue to be the good kisser as he is called by parents who kiss him on the mouth/?

    • “Extra large ass ” all of the I s time I thought I was the only one. Its sad I compare this show to nanny 911 – both hard for me to watch. Its also sad I watch this show just to wait to see these kids get disciplend… and guess what? Still waiting 3 seasons later.

  3. The episode where they first brought Zoey back to the hotel and will said bed, meaning put Zoey to bed. So they listened to him. I couldn’t believe it.

    • Believe it because he runs things in that household, to the point that it’s sickening! He needs to be using the potty, instead of telling those two idiots, what to do with Zoey! That boy is too darn old, not to be potty trained! Zoey on the ither hand, was almost completely potty trained, until they came along.

      They are dumbing her down, all because of him!

  4. I thought I was the only one who thought the kids were brats! Liked the show at the beginning but is getting harder and harder to watch! The parents seem to use their physical disability to get what they want and are passing the trait on to their kids!!! I’m sorry, but tonight was the last night I’m going to watch the program! Just can’t take Zoe’s whining and Will’s yelling! Those kids are so disobedient. Time out and talking to them like adults, and letting them have their way is setting them up for failure in the real world! Also Jen’s constant nervous giggling and “I know best” attitude is annoying! Bill is bossy too, with everyone else, but seems afraid of Jen! Anyway, good luck and goodbye!

  5. Will is awful period!!! I cannot understand why baba says my kid is my friend !! Look how well that’s paying off for him when will he change into a dad? Hope soon because he can’t continue to let Will take Zoeys food the dogs food hell, any food he can find and continue to walk Jen and Zoey as he keeps getting bigger and badder. Baba just loves the money rolling in from hard working Jen, their 2 books and the show and he loves to spend it especially on his friend Will. Can’t wait for TLC to air when the shit hits the fan ….popcorn bought.

    • The ladies at Zoey’s orphanage were proud to let the parents know, that they had her almost completely potty trained. They are not about to let Zoey best him at anything so, she’s in diapers as well. I wonder what the heck is up with Zoey, sucking her fingers more. I really shudder to think, what that is all about!

  6. I agree these kids are non disciplined animals! They need their ass beat and so do their parents. They should be embarrassed! They all act like their crap don’t stink. Will is absolutely a pig and Zoey there’s something dark and scary going on in her head. The looks she gives and gets something just isn’t right with this kid. Not potty trained at their age come on! they talk about how smart their kids are well hell crap in the toilet it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to do that. Can you imagine changing Will ‘s crappy diaper ewwwww! And going to preschool wearing diapers at their age do you think the workers will do that?

    • The ladies at Zoey’s orphanage were proud to let the parents know, that they had her almost completely potty trained. They are not about to let Zoey best him at anything so, she’s in diapers as well. I wonder what the heck is up with Zoey, sucking her fingers more. I really shudder to think, what that is all about!

  7. I hate will. The ugliest pig ever. He is a greedy diaper loades fat ass waddling around swatting his sister and mom like flies with his fat ass stubby meat filled arms and sausage fingers. I just cant stand him. Zoey is beautiful and she is horrified at those people. Imagine her cold world. Her eyes do show dark horror because she cannot tell what she sees and feels I bet they ignore her completely when off camera and they cut away her hair to say she looks like Will hoping to turn her into theugly one but never. Its so sad that baby has no chance at real love from good parents who love equally. Will is a terrible monster and I despise that screech he gives when told to be ready and he wants so bad to kick Jens ass. He needs bootcamp with Madea. He wasan ugly ass pig even aa an infant with ceeek I just can’t stand him wish I could slap his fat ass face.

    • BECAUSE SHE CAN AND KAREN, THEY REALLY DO IGNORE ZOEY, WHEN THE CAMERAS ARE ROLLING! Check out the episode where Jen took his majesty to the library, when they were in N.Y. They were so into his pamper wearing behind, to the point that they didn’t know where Zoey was! Not to mention how they ignored her, when they were in New Orleans and making over his ass with Martha! I don’t like Will either and for them to allow him to strike Zoey in her head repeatedly at her B’day party, was not right and he needed his pamper warmed up!

      Bill “NEVER” interacted with Zoey at that party but, he made darn sure to do so with the brat aka Will. He hovers over that boy, like nothing I’ve never seen before! He told the greedy thing that he couldn’t have the chips when they were in Build “A” Bear but, “CHUBBY” walked out of the store, with “TWO” bags of chips!

      Like someone on Hollywood Life said, Bill thinks the sun shines out of Will’s @$$ and, HE DOES!!! They should have let someone else adopt Zoey because, they do not love her the way they love him and, I don’t care if they did get him first. Zoey will never be loved by them, in the same manner as they love greedy! They sent him toys and a photo album, with their pictures inside. They didn’t do this for Zoey yet, they blame her because she didn’t take to them from the beginning. Will didn’t either but a hotel room full of toys plus, allowing him to make a pig of himself and laughing about it, he changed his tune. They both have lied about how he called them mommy and baba, when they met him for the first time!

      They are two of the biggest liars on reality TV!

  8. I just watched the episodes of them in Scottland and England….I really use to love watching this show. However while watching these last 2 episodes I didn’t enjoy it at all. Will and Zoey’s behavior was so bad that it upset me to watch. The “getting to know each other” phase is long over!
    I especially felt bad for Bill’s parents on this trip. You could obviously see they did not like their behavior but didn’t feel comfortable in giving any discipline. It’s too bad because Bill’s Dad could have scooped Will up and removed him from the activity and scolded him until he was ready to listen. Instead they get promised ice cream to not act like a brat…which they still do AND get ice cream.
    So after I’ve had this opportunity to vent….I will be deleting this show from my DVR schedule . I don’t like seeing unruly children at my grocery store and I certainly don’t want to see them in my home.
    Good luck Bill and Jen. You both are very good people and I enjoyed watching you but your kids make me angry….especially Will. Uuuugh!

  9. Interesting that no one is commenting on what this program says about the producers, parents, or viewers. People seem to be so hard up for entertainment that they give all these “reality shows” a pass, even though most of them are completely scripted. Does anyone actually believe there’s treasure on Hoax Island, or the multi-millionaire Kilchers live off the grid, or there’s a demon in Shepherdstown? Lamentably, the Dicovery, A+E, and even Nat Geo networks have opted to produce vapid Drek, knowing people will fall for it.

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