Joe Teti's home turf, the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania.

DUAL SURVIVAL: Relationship between Joe Teti & Matt Graham Works Due to Mutual Respect (Video Preview)

DUAL SURVIVAL has returned with an all-new season on Discovery Channel and, after last week’s Season Premiere, it is even more apparent that the pairing of Joe Teti and Matt Graham is a good one.

Set out in Utah, Joe and Matt had a lot of challenges to face last week, including the best way to find water in an all-too-arid area of the country. This was Matt’s home turf, so he definitely had some ideas of the best things to do to make their time in Utah a bit of an easier go. No surprises there. What was interesting, however, was Joe’s willingness to listen. In fact, for the first time we can remember on DUAL SURVIVAL, Joe was displaying a true eagerness to learn from his partner.

Joe is a very forceful personality. He says what he means, means what he says, and if you have a contradictory idea, you’d better get ready for an argument. At least, that’s the Joe we’ve typically seen since he was initially introduced to the show as the new partner for Cody Lundin. And, fans of the show are all aware of how that ended.

Many blamed Joe for the constant conflict between him and Cody, but, as we have always contended, the personalities of BOTH men were contributing factors to their inability to get along. Matt, however, has a much more mellow personality, willing to listen and hear what is being suggested, and when he has a different point of view—and this is key—Matt is able to present his thoughts clearly, logically and without making it a personal battle of the egos or passing judgment. Neither Cody nor Joe was ever able to do that, thus the constant bickering and wheel-spinning.

Joe Teti's home turf, the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania.
Joe Teti’s home turf, the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania.

Watching Joe and Matt last week was refreshing, and a bit shocking. Joe was actually open to listening and learning. He was asking Matt questions. He wanted to learn about the area, and he wanted to learn from his DUAL SURVIVAL partner. Perhaps because he felt respected? Mutual respect always seemed to be lacking between Cody and Joe, and Cody could be really condescending at times. Matt definitely disagrees with Joe at times, but he is always respectful of Joe’s ideas, and Joe responds in kind. It is how a partnership SHOULD work. This week, the duo heads off to Joe’s home turf, according to Discovery Channel, in all-new episode, “Grin and Bear It”:

Joe and Matt trek through the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania, where Joe grew-up and first learned survival skills. Travelling in freezing rain, blocked by steep ravines, and deep in bear country, they’re racing against Mother Nature to get out alive.

Does the goodwill duo continue? Stay tuned.

DUAL SURVIVAL airs on Discovery Channel on Wednesday nights at 9/8c.

Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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42 thoughts on “DUAL SURVIVAL: Relationship between Joe Teti & Matt Graham Works Due to Mutual Respect (Video Preview)

  1. Could you tell me the name of the river Joe and Matt located in PA? Living and having traveled, as well as having camped in the mountains of PA makes this episode very interesting. I have just watched it for the second time this week and am trying to identify the river.

  2. I was impressed last week when the guys were swimming to the other island to locate fresh water. They respected each others opinion about campsite location, but, was most important, Joe was very concerned about Matt being safe and to be careful with the rip tide and the sharks in the water. Not only did this episode allow the men to reveal their mutual respect for each others plan, it also demonstrated they actually care about each other. They even laughed together about Joe’s smelly shorts.

  3. it started with Cody and Dave,they barely tolerated each other.Dave leaves the show Joe replaces him and then Cody and Joe don’t even respect each other or get Matt Graham hunter-gatherer joins the team.I start watching the show in 2010 I knew I found something new that I would like I love this show is passion of learning survival.I’m glad finally we have a team that actually gets along.I know they’ll be more episodes to come with Joe and Matt keep it up guys you’re doing a good job.

  4. I really enjoy these two as partners in a survival situation, they each have their own survival tactics and they do seem to respect each other so I am looking forward to their journeys.

  5. I just watched DS for the first time and I am HOOKED! Those 2 are extremely easy on the eyes and sexy as hell! I hope to become lost in the Utah mountains soon!!! 🙂

  6. Love Matt & Joe together. Their different personalities are refreshing and interesting. Joe tries so hard Not to be the alpha male lol. Matts very Honed into human behavior and so
    Respectful. Both are sexy as hell!!
    Great job Discovery!! I’m one devoted viewer..

  7. Matt is incredible! I admire him very much and the way he conducts himself. He has an attitude of gratitude and respects people and nature. I would like to know more about him.

  8. I very much enjoy Dual Survivor, and am glad that Joe and Matt have seemed to come to a place of mutual respect. Their interactions are much less volatile than those of Joe and Cody. I appreciate Matt’s deep reverence for the land, and the creatures that share it.

  9. I just finished watching a few episodes and boy am i impressed! Joe and Matt work very well together. . They definitely off set each others strengths and weaknesses. Great job Discovery

  10. I really like them as a team they just listen to each other .But do they like each on the show .Because Cody seem to have a stick up his ass like he was the boss. .And I don’t see it with Matt and Joe they seem like a team and Joe seem much more at eas with Matt.

  11. Hey, these guys are good at what they do. I have learned a lot watching the show. They are easy on the eyes, no doubt. Joe, being military trained focuses on going and getting it done. Matt’s more layed back and easy going. They do compliment each other. Keep it up.

  12. It’s a good show, i like seeing the different country’s landscapes. Matt is great and a successful survivalist, Joe on the other hand while he has experience, panics and talks like how he is about to die every 5 minutes in the environment. Matt clearly has a better mental attitude and is more capable than Joe. Joe looks to be pretty out of shape too in the shows that aired in April 2015, he even said it himself that he is getting fat.

  13. you guys are the hottest guys on the planet! I can’t learn anything because I watch those bodies in motion and don’t hear a word you say. wow

  14. you guys are the hotterst guys on the planet. How can I learn anything when those bodies are always in motion? Wow slow or sit more often. Maybe i will learn something.

  15. I like Matt, but Joe is a jurk, its his way or know way, but Matt’s survival skills are way more advanced then Joe’s. Get rid of Joe and get Matt a better partner.

  16. They are supposed to be with opposing survival techniques. But don’t worry the show has been canceled so neither one will be back after this season. All because of some issues with how long Joe was actually in the special forces. I guess he was a contractor that supplied support for them for the majority of his military experience.
    But, who cares… the show works with these two guys.

  17. I am also wondering exactly which river they are searching for and which part of the Allegheny Mountains they are in. I live in the northern most points of the Alleghenies and have hiked and camped all over the state(including most of the AT of this state, but that is located on the other side of PA). But still I want to know precisely where they were. I am assuming it is SW PA since that is where Joe grew up. I wish they would have shot the show up here where I live where it is much colder and numerous other issues they would have had to deal with. It appears to be mid September or so based on the leaves? It may be much different down there though, it is close to 5 hours SW of me, but Winter up here is usually from October (usually later, but some years early or mid are the first major snowfalls or winter mixes). Also, I cannot remember if it was on this site or another I was reading earlier but there were many comments about some of what they did being illegal esp on state land etc. But remember in survival situations, which they are imitating, the laws change, and I am sure they and the show had crossed heir t’s and dotted their i’s before filming.

  18. Sorry, forgot to finish one sentence, but from late October to March/April is usually winter. No foliage on trees from late September to late April/early May. I had days where school was canceled for 8 inches or so of snow in late April before.

  19. Well, the show is now done, with titi’s violent temper, stolen Valor and inability to be part of a team, production can no longer cover for him.I wish matt well in his new project. Joe, just disappear in your closet

  20. Will miss the dynamics of Matt and Joe. I’ve learned so much watching the show! Love Matt’s demeanor and how they bring out each other’s strengths.

  21. So let me get this straight.. You guys @ Discovery cancel the real show to replace the hosts with younger inexeperienced hosts… LoL! Without Joe and Matt, this show is doomed. Listen to your audience ” Discovery channel ” and bring back the real stars of the show.

  22. I’ll give it a chance w/ the new rookies, but really really liked Matt and Joe together. No matter what precisely Joe’s role was in the military, the point was (to me) that his background was that he was trained in the military and Matt’s background was as a survivalist. I hope these two will have additional places to explore together in the future. Hey-they can hunter-gather in my back yard any time and I wouldn’t complain! I do think that the show had great ratings because of their dynamics.

  23. I am done with discovery. I really like Matt and Joe. Discovery have you heard the saying ” if it’s not broke don’t fix it”. My family and and friends have no desire to watch the new Dual Survival show.

  24. Sorry to hear about the show I just got done reading a lot of bad stuff about Joe on here from lying about his millatarey career stilling and from what I read he. Seemed to be a cawerd to when his other soldiers said he would get sick ever time he had to patrol and the main peaple said he was a descrase to the force’s and he isn’t even aloud to have a gun or ammo and from the first so many show he treated Matt bad from when he first found him at Matt camp and sit there for a few min and. made fun of him and then went in to camp and more less bullied and shot down ever thing Matt suggested good or bad he had to have it his way or nothing later down some show he finally started listing and learning some things Matt had to offer Wichita to me Matt node way more about making it in the woods hell he stayed six months a year in them that’s why you could tell he was much more relaxed in them haven’t found out yet why they got rid of Matt yet but loosing both of them probaley will be the end of the show tried to watch it tonight and could not get in to it more less it sucked and I read you all wanted to mix it up a bit but ive watched the show since it first started and you have had one guy from the military background and the other hunter gatherer I’d take the primative way ever time.and the show needs to do more shows in America were we live and go back to showing more things that could help us maybe make it if something happen to one of us its got about doing riskyer stuff seems like instead of showing us a little moreabout how to make some of them traps and stuff and you all getting by lions and hippos don’t help a guy in ky but good luck to your show but it might make it this season better beg Matt or Cody or Dave. Back it will take at least one of them on there for it to make it

  25. I’m really sorry to find out you’ve cancelled the show with Matt and Joe in it. I tried to watch the new one the other day, and it just doesn’t hit the mark, at all!! These two guys are nowhere near the caliber of survivalist that Matt and Joe are. Besides, I really liked both Matt and Joe, and thought the made an awesome team!! Who cares if Joe fudged some on his resume. I couldn’t care less. He obviously knows what he’s talking about when it comes to surviving and that’s a lousy reason to drop the entire show.nThe smart thing for you guys to do would be to bring back both Matt and Joe, and see where it goes. I think it would still, or maybe again, be a hit!!!!

  26. I always thought Cody in his ridiculous socks to be worthless. He brought very little to the table. I really wanted to chop off those braids by the end. I learned zip from him. Sure Joe was intense, got more intense, he was carrying his partner. After the sex scandals of the secret service, thievery by all branches of our military (missing billions from iraq) treatment of women (rape) military contractors over payment, thief, political favors, falsifying documents is no problems for any one of those people. Before they throw stones, clean up their own houses. I think u got it right with Matt and Joe. I actually learned stuff. Joe seemed more relaxed now that he has a partner who contributes more then a fire bundle and maybe bedding. Geeze Cody was such a girl. Bring back Matt and Joe please.

  27. I watched the show with Cody and Joe and it did seem like they disagreeded alot. I believe that Cody definately had skills but I thought the guy was insane for going barefoot all the time. I loved the show with Matt and Joe. They got along great together and both had great knowledge to contribute to the show.

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