EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek LOVE THY SISTER: Londyn Ready For Surgery, Ione Unsupportive

LOVE THY SISTER covers all bases on the topic of women’s body image issues tonight during the episode, “Transitions”.  While Ruby’s daughter Riley starts obsessing about losing weight, Ione’s bestie Londyn is ready to have her body match what is truly inside her.

Ruby has decided to be supportive of Riley’s dream of being in show business which the youngster has identified as a real goal. To reach it however, Riley is certain that she has to reduce her body size.

Ruby agrees to help out but only in ways that she believes are healthy and right for a girl of Riley’s age. An exercise regime and eating program begin, but Riley becomes upset when results don’t match her expectations. After Riley takes matters into her own hands, Ruby shuts it down as a good mom should.

The more complicated issue on tonight’s LOVE THY SISTER is that of Ione’s resistance to Londyn completing her gender transition from male to female. The two have a frank conversation about it in the EXCLUSIVE video clip posted below.

While the two have maintained their friendship through the stages of Juan’s transition to Londyn, when gender reassignment surgery becomes the topic, Ione balks.

Londyn explains the sadness and depression that comes from her being incomplete as a female and how certain she is that the time has come. When Ione pulls up online video of the surgery, hoping it will frighten Londyn enough for her to rethink it, the two get into an uncomfortable position.

Londyn believes her friend is no longer on her side and wonders if she ever was. Ione’s concern is that Londyn may not be ready for the finality of it all, but she admits that she misses her old friend Juan.

Ione’s discomfort is expressed in facial expressions, body language as well as verbally. Who’s got the right to be more upset?

LOVE THY SISTER is aired weekly on WE tv, Thursday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT.   Video and image credit: WE tv, used with permission. 


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