Mary Padian

Mary Padian’s Texas Act On STORAGE WARS, More Please or Make It Stop?

STORAGE WARS had its all-star lineup last night during the episode “Fontan-o-rama”, meaning Mary Padian, Dave Hester, Darrell and Brandon as well as Brandi and Jarrod.

Sorry to fans of Ivy and Rene, who bring all kinds of fun/aggravation, but except for the long lost and very much missed Barry Weiss, this is the cast of characters people tune in to see.

Speaking of fun/aggravation, Mary Padian decided to take her Texas personality and ramp it up way beyond the usual. She came with a cowboy hat on her head and the cutaway camera shots with her talking directly to the camera were pure Texas.

Mary Padian faced human poop, and turned it into a big score!

Hooting, hollering and swagger were on display. Mary specializes in finding merchandise in lockers that she can patch, paint and spruce up enough for her to resell it at a profit.  She’s willing to refinish and paint furniture and seems very happy doing it.

Last night, all the swagger and Texas twang couldn’t get her a profit. Her bid of $1,200 for a locker was higher than usual. It did not pan out as she found what she called “Texas size trash”, like dirty clothes and cat fur remnants covering lousy furniture. It left her in the hole for $925.00.

Here’s the question: is Mary using up her entire cute quotient or do you still love her for what she brings to the show?

Brandi and Jarrod were the big winners on the night, making a $1,090 profit thanks to vintage lamps, Darrell and Brandon were shut out and Hester cleared $445 on baskets and rugs that held some value.

What’s your opinion of Mary being a regular this season?

A&E airs STORAGE WARS Tuesday nights at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT, with back-to-back episodes beginning at 9, when A&E runs them that way.   Image credit: A&E, used with permission.

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40 thoughts on “Mary Padian’s Texas Act On STORAGE WARS, More Please or Make It Stop?

  1. Love Mary. She is fun and quirky! There needs to be a another girl with all those men and I think she should be there to stay

  2. Mary is hot but what I don’t understand is why she is bidding on lockers….her store is in Texas. Is she driving a semi back to Texas?

  3. i think mary is hot.i love watching the show with her.does she live in thing i hate about the show is dave hester back.i hate that dude !!!

  4. I love Mary Padian. She is a very intelligent lady. She has a great personality. I hope she stay on the show. I dont understand why the Storage Wars Texas is not on anymore.

  5. Hey Mary, You,re the best pretty thang to happen to storage wars. Fresh and beautiful! hollar if ya ever get a chance.

  6. I hate her guts, please just go away Mary, you are ruining SW, like you ruined SW texas, please can someone accidently just shot her

  7. Hate hate hate her, Mary is the most annoying person to ever star in storage wars. There’s just something about the way she looks that peeves me plus the way she speaks makes me want to hit her with a hammer to the point “it” finally shuts up. She ruined storage wars Texas for me now she has to jump on the original with her annoying self. Just go away please

  8. Mary your Beautiful and Sexy … Don’t let the Haters words get at ya.. Love you on the show… Cherokee Native Fan of You..

  9. Hallo my name is Claude
    Sweet Mary, i love your skill and assertiveness in the Series (StorageWar)
    Im wish you all the best for the futures
    Greetings from Luxemburg (Europe)

  10. Get Mary OFF. We tape it all the time and if she is on it it gets deleted before it starts. No one and I mean no one is that stupid. Her facial expressions are not cute, her laugh is annoying and she don’t know crap about antiques. If she is paid to act that stupid she sure earns her money but we would watch every single episode if she was not on it. Love the show but enough of her stupidity.

  11. She’s cute but she is annoying. She acts like she is high on meth there is nothing natural about her. I would love to see a woman on the show that is a true hustler and able to speak without fake accents. Get tweaker Mary off the show!

  12. Until Mary learns how to talk in a normal voice, I cannot watch this show anymore. She is so annoying, I can’t stand to listen to her. It’s a shame because I have been watching this show for many years.

  13. Mary is an idiot. She is a complete air head. Yeah she is kinda cute, but is a turn off. She’s like a 8 year old girl. I stopped watching the show bc of her. I’d watch an episode of all Dave then all Mary.

  14. I agree 100% with “Reva” I can’t stand the way she talks. Everything is “vintage ” She is stupid. Don’t dumb down the show bc she is skinny (only attribute Mary has). If she can be on the show then I can. Lol. Come on

  15. She is soooo irritating!!she acts like she’s stupid but i assure you it is an act!!which annoys us woman worse!! We just wanna grab her and shake the dumb bimbo right outa her!! Not only is her dumb doe eyed bimbo routine insulting to us woman cus we cant stand that crap!!but it makes southern folks look like we’re that stupid too!! Smh go be a dumb lil country bumpkin some where, where noone else can see MARY!!!And plz for the love of god clear your frigging throat!!!

  16. Mary…

    Please realize that talking like Cartman from “Southpark” is no longer funny or even cute. We get it, you like that cartoon and think it’s funny to imitate it constantly. It makes you look like a moron. I don’t know what’s more creepy, you thinking that played cartoon voice is funny or the creeps that are leaving comments for you on here asking you out on a date. I don’t like you, but these jackasses are dangerous. Given the chance they’d lock you in a basement and eventually wear your face as a mask. Drop the Cartman act. It’s been lame since 99-2001 and it ain’t coming back.

  17. I would rather have leisurely root canals at the dentist than to be put in a room with Mary!
    HER VOICE IS SO ANNOYING!! !!!!!!!!!! Not Cute!!!
    Every time she opens her mouth I want to slap her through the t.v.

  18. OMG Mary makes me boil inside when she speaks I am so tired of her and her lack of knowledge of any thing related to antiques or vintage the word she loves , every thing to her is vintage . Thank you all who wrote about annoying Mary and Mary’s way of talking cos I felt I’m alone but we share the same openion I wonder the Tv producers of storage wars don’t they hear her talking? How they continue punishing us by her laugh and dance talk all the annoying shit she does .
    Take her off the showwww.

  19. Something is not right! She is high on something. The way she moves her mouth and eyes. I think her voice is like that from smoking meth or crack.

  20. Mary is the most annoying woman in the Northern Hemisphere!!!!!!! 35 years old going on 12, moron!!!!!!
    I love the SW show but I get SO irritated by her I had to change the channel!!!!!! PLEASE GET RID OF HER!!!!!!

  21. I agree with Kay, MP is the most puerile 30something I have ever had the misfortune to come across.
    She speaks like a retard and laughs (as Ivy said) like a donkey. Why oh why is she still on the show. Surely I am not the only one to turn the sound down when her gormless face appears. Fortunately I have used the volume control rather than shoot the TV but a brick through the screen is a distinct possibility!!

  22. I just turned on SW and the first thing I saw was Moronic Mary screwing up her face and contorting the English language to cretinous levels.
    Who allows her to be on the show and broadcast into the homes of vulnerable people? Yes I am at risk, of having a seizure when she pisses me off so much.
    My TV is vulnerable too as one of these days I might just stick my boot through the screen. This dimwit really irritates me to the point where I have to switch channels. Is she perhaps abusing illegal substances? Her behaviour certainly looks that way, crack or meth maybe.
    Please send her home, sorry for the nice people of Texas that you all have such a bad rep for your wonderful state.

  23. What is WRONG with this woman!! No normal person talks and acts like she does, well maybe a seven year old child but such behaviour from an adult is weird!
    Not sure if she is on drugs or whether she has mental health problems. Perhaps I should feel sorry for her but it is hard to feel empathy for such an irritating 30 something going on 7!
    Please do the viewing public a favour and send her back to Texas.

  24. I just switched on to SW and the moronic gurning face filled the screen. Scary that this woman is allowed out on her own. Surely she is a danger if not to the public the to herself. I mean, she is not a full shilling as we say in UK. The lights are on but no-one at home.
    It HAS to be drugs, no normal person would sound like a cartoon character on crack. At least not ALL of the time. She is weirder than a bag full of weird things and should be kept in a secure room! are there not some very remote areas in Texas to where she could be exiled? I’ll gladly pay her travel cost.

  25. I heard a rumour that she had been abducted by aliens! Please let it be true. The only problem though is that she will piss them off too and they’ll send her back!
    If anyone reading this happens to be in touch with any aliens please ask them not to send her back, drop her off in another galaxy.

  26. I agree with many here. EVERY time Mary is on, I switch the channel. SO ANNOYING! Love the show when she’s not on it. I’m from Southwest Texas, so it’s not her accent I find offensive, it’s just the way she comes across. Her constant laugh at nothing and comments that are a real turn off. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, because I don’t find her at all attractive and yes I’m a heterosexual male. Please drop her.

  27. I can’t stand her over the top, over acting self. I actually turn it as soon as I see her. I would rather watch Barney and Friends then have to set through 2 minutes of her make me wanna puke punishment…. Who thought she was a good addition, I think her and Dave should start a new show called Nobody Watching on channel 6897567 on Sunday at 2:30 in the morning……. Show killer…

  28. Once again I had to switch off as soon as the idiot came on. She was laughing inanely after accident breaking a glass dish and it just really winds me up.
    She is certainly a sandwich short of a picnic!

  29. I understand how some people enjoy the energy she brings but I feel they could find a less annoying version. Her voice makes me cringe. Barry is the best and I don’t mind Jarrod and Brandi. I love storage wars!

  30. Mary acts like a 2 year old that hasn’t learned how to speak yet. She is so annoying with her exaggerated pronunciation of word’s. She clearly exaggerates the prices of the garbage in the lockers she buys.
    Her idiotic behavior and inability to speak lIke an adult ruins the show.

  31. Mary is an idiot trying to be a moron. She act like she know nothing of antiques, her rehab is ugly and poorly done and she throws away or doesn’t eve go through things if value. I don’t know what he education is but I’d be surprised if she got through high school. I refuse to watch an episode if she is on

  32. It has all been said I guess yet the producers feel that bad publicity is better than no publicity. Words fail me when it comes to describing her. I mean she is SO abnormal in the way she acts and speaks. Maybe some bright psychiatrist can reach a diagnosis and perhaps hereby help the moron to improve. Or maybe that is wishful thinking.

  33. I don’t understand if that is her true personality or she’s trying too hard for the camera or WHAT but she’s horrendous. She doesn’t know how to speak English, she’s not funny AT ALL and wtf is that ugly crap she makes?? I almost laughed out loud when she made this crazy looking table with grey leather and the bottom was red.. it looks like an arts and crafts project she made at the mental institution she goes home to…she was so proud of it too! My 6 year old can make better furniture with legos! I guess she’s sort of pretty in a “just started doing meth recreationally and will soon have teeth falling out” kind of way. Just because a bunch of gross internet creeps think you’re good enough to lock in their basements doesn’t mean your attractive in any way.. your idiotic personality kills any kind of good looks you kind of have.. I thought Dave was bad but WOW..she makes me not want to watch the show at all. Please bring Barry back and drop this freak show of a woman. Stop making us cute, fun females look bad, moron. You’re WAY too old to be thinking that acting like a 14 year old is cute. Grow up. BYE FELICIA!!!!

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