Ikaika Maggay Intervention

BREAKING POINT: Investigation Discovery Series Providing Forum for Addicts & Families to Get Help

Fans of Investigation Discovery have found another winner in true life crime series BREAKING POINT, a new show from “Intervention” creator Sam Mettler, hosted by criminal defense attorney and certified intervention professional Darren Kavinoky.

Families across the nation have been responding to the stories they have been seeing on BREAKING POINT, many of them feeling they are seeing their own situations played out on camera. TVRuckus has been receiving heartbreaking mail from mothers, sisters, friends and other individuals who are trying to find a way to help their loved one who is in need. While we are not affiliated with BREAKING POINT in any way, we did reach out to Investigation Discovery, and attained the appropriate contact information for those who would like to present their story to the show for consideration:


We hope this will be helpful for those who are seeking help for their loved ones.

As fans know, each intervention on the show is conducted by top criminal defense attorney and certified intervention professional, Darren Kavinoky. More than just a generic host for the show, Kavinoky once fought his own addiction to drugs and alcohol and, believe it or not, committed crimes that led to his being arrested. Kavinoky is more than just a book-educated interventionist; he understands the life of a criminal addict because, in fact, he once was one. Thus, his passion for helping those who are currently in the shoes he once wore. Tonight, according to Investigation Discovery, on all-new episode, “Ikaika”:

Ikaika, a gifted 23-year-old hustler from Oakland, California, sells bootlegged DVDs and pimps out his live-in girlfriend. With the help of his family and an Interventionist, he will be presented with a chance to leave his criminal past behind him.

Ikaika Maggay Intervention
Princess Mapp, Milleni Hicks, Ikaika Maggay and Darren Kavinoky during Ikaika’s intervention.

BREAKING POINT is produced for Investigation Discovery by MadJack Entertainment with owner and CEO, Sam Mettler serving as creator and executive producer.  Ben Daughtrey is co-executive producer and showrunner. For Investigation Discovery, Jeanie Vink is executive producer, Sara Kozak is senior vice president of production, Kevin Bennett is general manager, and Henry Schleiff is Group President.

BREAKING POINT airs on Investigation Discovery on Thursday nights at 10/9c.

Image:  Courtesy of Investigation Discovery, Used with Permission

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4 thoughts on “BREAKING POINT: Investigation Discovery Series Providing Forum for Addicts & Families to Get Help

  1. wow, I live in Oakland. I have a 23 year old son who has always lived here. This kid sounds so fake and trying to hard to be a gangster. My kid moved on from that when he was 17 and now he works and this just sounds not like a real Oakland kid.

  2. you are an idiot!!!! does every kid from Oakland have to have the same story? this sounds like a familiar story to me. and there are some who actually makes a change. just shut up. what does an Oakland kid sound like??? I was born and raised in Oakland and ive seen it all!

  3. I watched this show & was most moved by Ikaika. He had a special something inside. He is a special individual. He has what it takes to be successful in life without making money in a negative way which is damaging to his true self & family. His attitude seems to be already positive. He just needs guidance, support, healing, love, a positive career path & good people around him who want only the absolute best for him. He can do it… I see it in him. I am rooting for this fella. If I had a company I would hire Ikaika b/c he has the drive, motivation & right attitude already working for him. You can see he is a good person but just lost his way. All he needed was a new road map. Then it was up to him. We all have freedom of choice.

    Ikaika… if you are reading this you were an inspiration. Your Mom & the other members of your family are special as well. I hope & pray for you to be true to yourself always. You have a lot to offer to others. I see you possibly working with the youth as a counselor or something where in you guide kids to be their best self.

    Thank You for sharing your story.
    Best, Kim B. (from Westside Los Angeles Area)

  4. Can you picture him as a marketing manager or ceo of a company? Ikaika is talented and has the drive!! Good luck to him and his family

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