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RESTAURANT STARTUP Video Preview: Game of Chicken tonight with Joe Bastianich and Tim Love

RESTAURANT STARTUP is all new tonight on CNBC Primetime with the episode titled “The Ultimate Cockfight”. No illegal activity takes place, but two teams battle it out for who can claim an investment from either Joe Bastianich or Chef Tim Love.

Both teams want to open a brick-and-mortar eatery. One runs a food truck with what she claims is the best chicken in the world and the other is composed of two Philadelphia culinary school teachers who want to take their show out of the classroom.

First they have to do their business pitch, the first segment of each RESTAURANT STARTUP episode. They’ll need to prove their food is worth a try and their plan will make Tim and Joe some cold hard cash.

Once that’s done, the guys choose one team for a try-out, opening a pop-up restaurant in 36 hours on a budget of $7,500. Then and only then do Joe and Tim reveal their plans to invest or pass, using hardball negotiation tactics to get in for less than the asking price.

The teams

Ms. P’s Electric Cock Fried Chicken is one of Austin, Texas’ most famous food trucks selling what Ms. P a/k/a Perry likes to call the world’s best fried chicken. While their brand is stong the truck’s business has tumbled and she along with her executive chef Seth want to open a restaurant.

Her reasoning goes like this: A terribly rainy summer followed by the hottest weather you can imagine has driven down the interest in eating hot fried chicken outdoors.

Their ask: $300,000 for a 40% stake in the business.

Smoke Kitchen is an idea for a smokefired rotisserie chicken place to be run by Steve and Mark, who have taught at culinary schools for decades. It’s their big jump into the take-out restaurant business for their rotisserie concept that they present to Joe and Tim.

The “replacement meal” has grown in popularity as working people don’t have time to cook a healthy meal for themselves or their families. Their challenge is to make it worth double what a rotisserie chicken meal would cost from a grocery store deli counter.

Their ask: $200,000 for 30% of the business.

Who gets to the end with Joe and Tim? Find out tonight.

CNBC airs new episodes of RESTAURANT STARTUP Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT    Image/video credit: CNBC, used with permission. 

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