THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER: Sheree Whitfield, Toughest Client for Patti Stanger?

MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER featured one fabulously easy millionaire to match and one very resistant to making a place in her life for love. Featuring tennis star Sam Querrey and RHOA veteran Sheree Whitfield, we’ll give you one guess as to which one was easy and which was one a fight each step of the way.

Yep, you got that right. Sheree came in with all doors and windows shut, almost daring Patti to find her someone who she could grow to trust. Sam Querrey was simple to figure out and as Patti said, she’s matched rich athletes for years.

Querrey travels all over the place and isn’t meeting women at clubs and parties in the course of his tennis year that meet his profile for someone to mate with. Yes, he’s ready for commitment and as a big family guy, he wanted someone like him. Outdoorsy, athletic, family centric and easy-going.

Sheree said she was tired of fearing she’ll be alone for the foreseeable future and wants another marriage. Her children are within a few years of all being out of the house and she wasn’t interested in a man who had young kids. But, she didn’t give Patti much to work with in terms of what she’s truly looking for.

For Sam and Sheree it was back to old-school recruiting that brought back the lineups in the office. Her assistants did a so-so job with matching candidates to the profile of choices Patti wanted for her clients.

Young, good job, family oriented and not a party girl for Sam. Mature, good job and income for Sheree who could push past her barriers.

Patti presented them with three candidates each and did a speed-dating setup on a boat that took off from Marian del Rey.  It was difficult to know if the wind off the water as well as the glaring sun was the reason that Sheree looked like she was smelling onions the whole time. Her face didn’t register pleasure at all and she maintained her tough exterior.

Sam was in his element and had the sunglasses to prove it. He bonded with all three women but chose Kylie, a ballet dancer who comes from a large Italian/Lebanese family and loves spending time with them.

The two were sweet at an archery range and then at a swank dinner there was loads of chemistry, We later learned they were seeing each other regularly.

Sheree chose Terry an indy TV and film producer who was able to get beyond her defenses at a “paint and sip” studio. Drinking some wine and freestyle painting gave them time to click, just a bit, but that ended badly when Sheree kept at him about his ex-girlfriend.

It was then that you realized Sheree had been hurt so much in the past that was having difficulties trusting anyone. Their dinner date saw him bring her a beautiful bouquet of flowers and Sheree’s interest seemed to wane a bit.

In the after-interview Patti saw that Sheree needed something that she had not communicated to her or the men. She liked Terry but….

Patti instructed her to come clean and admit she needs time to be courted and build up feelings for someone who she learns to trust. Unfortunately for Sheree she didn’t follow up and did not see Terry again.

We’re not sure if we’ve ever seen anything more difficult than Sheree. While clients have been obnoxious, narcissistic and rule-breakers, Sheree presented a situation that couldn’t be fixed by one master date.

Do you think Sheree is truly looking for love at this time?

Bravo TV airs THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER Sunday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT.   Image credit: Bravo TV, used with permission


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