Monster Week on Animal Planet!

MONSTER WEEK Begins on Sunday with ‘Africa’s Deadliest’ River Monsters!

Animal Planet is giving viewers an official warning: MONSTER WEEK returns to Animal Planet on Sunday, and it will highlight some of the most terrifying beasts to ever have inhabited Earth. The sheer volume of creepy creatures is why this year’s MONSTER WEEK needs nine nights, investigating beasts whose teeth and claws strike fear into viewers (fortunately) watching from the comfort of their living rooms.

Beginning this Sunday, May 17, and continuing thru Monday, May 25, viewers can catch bone-chilling programming, including “Deadly After Dark,” following polar bears that have taken over a North American town; “Serial Killer Tiger at Large,” stalking a blood-thirsty tiger that’s claimed 10 lives and is still on the loose in India; and “Killer Hornets from Hell,” warning of a global swarm that makes killer bees look like butterflies.

In addition to unveiling the most lethal creatures from the natural world, MONSTER WEEK also unleashes the savage stalkers residing within our own imaginations. “I Was Bitten: The Walker County Incident,” goes down south to investigate an unnatural entity that’s attacking people in the woods outside a small town in Alabama. Also, a scripted feature based on actual science, “The Cannibal in the Jungle,” ponders the existence of real three-foot-tall human-like creatures–nicknamed Hobbits–that might have escaped extinction to wreak havoc on a group of scientists in the rainforest of Indonesia.

MONSTER WEEK wraps with a terrifying two-hour edition of fan-favorite “River Monsters,” with Jeremy Wade unveiling monsters from the prehistoric past.

Be safe and don’t watch MONSTER WEEK alone!

MONSTER WEEK begins on Animal Planet this Sunday, May 17, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, with “River Monsters,” and concludes on Monday, May 25, when “River Monsters: Jurassic-Sized Prehistoric Terror” airs from 8-10 p.m. ET/PT.

Image:  Courtesy of Animal Planet, Used with Permission

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