Ranae, Cliff and Bobo getting the scoop on South Carolina on FINDING BIGFOOT.

FINDING BIGFOOT Recap: Even Ranae Stumped by South Carolina Sasquatches!

Was South Carolina the hotbed of Sasquatch activity the FINDING BIGFOOT team had hoped it would be? Yes–and, well, no. Bottom line: Did they see a Sasquatch?

Of course not.

But, if you choose to believe that knocks in the woods=positive Sasquatch identification, then they were all over the areas the team searched last night.

Pre-townhall, there was some interesting video footage of a singular pair of footprints in the snow that appeared not only human-like, but also with a very large step (84”) in between–too large for the average human. And, being in the snow, it was clear that there were no other footprints around at the time they were made, so no one was out there laying down tracks (unless, possibly, they were using stilts, which are commonly used in some types of construction work, for instance). Therefore, the video was definitely interesting; even Ranae conceded that the lack of additional tracks was a good point for the pro-squatch argument. And, the witness himself was convincing. But, still, the “evidence” was nowhere near compelling enough to make a positive Sasquatch identification–unless, of course, you are an avid squatcher who sees a bigfoot around every corner, which we know some of the FINDING BIGFOOT team tend to be.

When the team went to the town hall meeting, they were not sure what to expect. Would anyone show up? A couple trickle in? No need to worry; the place was crowded as usual (hey, it’s a popular TV show, now; people are going to show up) and there were plenty of “witnesses.”

On their first night investigation, they were hearing “responses” all over the place; even Ranae was hearing them. Of course, as a viewer, it was hard to get a firm grasp on what was getting them so excited; for whatever reason, whether microphone issues or otherwise, the supposed sounds rarely seem to materialize on-camera, and last night’s episode was no exception. While Matt was doing a happy dance, we were asking, “What? What did they hear?”

Underwhelming, at best.

Now, when Matt went on his solo investigation, he did hear a “woodknock” that was caught on audio. He was practically hyperventilating, he was so excited, but, alas, the squatch he was expecting to walk up out of the trees at any moment never materialized.

One thing that is never really addressed by the team is whether or not residents of the area could simply be hoaxing THEM. They have announced their presence; it likely does not take much to get a general, if not specific, idea of where they will be. It doesn’t seem unlikely that there are those who would get great pleasure out of howling/knocking back to them. But, there would be no convincing of the team last night that what they heard was anything other than a bigfoot. Ranae, ever the skeptic, even appeared to be getting excited over whatever “vocalizations” they were hearing. But, if there was a squatch out there, it kept its position a secret. “I’m sure there are Sasquatches here,” Matt declared, “because we got multiple responses to our howls. They just didn’t want to show themselves tonight.”

Funny that they never do.

The hunt continued, and the team eventually learned that the two spots on which they were concentrating were the two spots in the state that are flush with black bears. Draw your own conclusions–they do–but if you have ever seen a black bear stand on its hind legs, you may agree:  In a moment of panic and fear of the unknown, it would be easy to confuse the known creature with the crypto-species.

On the other hand, even Ranae had questions on the team’s final night when something she described as “bipedal” seemed to be moving through the woods at a quick pace. She does not often get excited–and, no, she did not, like Bobo, declare that they had multiple squatches around them–but she was definitely caught off-guard by what she was hearing. Matt, Cliff and Bobo getting excited is par for the course, but Ranae? That was definitely something different.

Were there really multiple Bigfoots in the area? Were they moving along power lines, as Cliff theorized? Or, were there hoaxers in the area, getting the entire team worked into a bigfooting frenzy? Who knows? But, as far as squatchin’ is concerned, South Carolina did indeed turn out to be a hidden gem of bigfooting–whether they actually exist or not.

FINDING BIGFOOT airs on Animal Planet on Sunday nights at 10/9c.

Image:  Animal Planet via Facebook

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