Finding Bigfoot team heads to Louisiana Bayou on Animal Planet.

FINDING BIGFOOT: Will Sasquatch Appear Among Gators & Gumbo of Louisiana Tonight?

Tonight on Animal Planet, the FINDING BIGFOOT team continues its quest for irrefutable proof of crypto-species Sasquatch. Will Louisiana hold the key to the mystery?

Many of us may think of Louisiana as the home of gators and gumbo more so than Bigfoot. However, when you think about it, what better cover for a species trying to keep from being discovered than the thick growth typically found on the bayou? Will a night investigation prove their case–or prove too much for the team?

Tonight, according to Animal Planet, on all-new episode, “Squatchsploitation”:

FINDING BIGFOOT: Squatchsploitation

Matt Moneymaker, James “Bobo” Fay, Cliff Barackman and Ranae Holland travel to Louisiana to investigate a bigfoot hot spot – Caddo Lake. They take a moment to reminisce about the 1970s monster films shot here before meeting with witnesses and heading out on an eventful night investigation on the bayou.

And, Animal Planet fans, don’t forget:  an all-new episode of “The Last Alaskans” starts off the night at 8 p.m. ET/PT, with all-new episode, “The Last Sunset”:

With the beginning of winter setting in, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is now losing 10 minutes of crucial sunlight each day. At this rate, the refuge will soon be concealed by darkness for the next 67 days. Everyone searches for food before it becomes too late, and Bob starts to question his ability to fly a plane.

And, on this Father’s Day, meet Bob’s beloved daughter:

Stay tuned tonight for more adventurous spirits on Animal Planet!

FINDING BIGFOOT airs on Animal Planet on Sunday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Image:  Animal Planet via Facebook

Video:  YouTube

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