Recap CUTTING IT: IN THE ATL Season Finale, Mushiya’s Runway Curls NOT a Big Hit

Those ladies of the Atlanta hair scene are having yet another party, and it appears difficult for the lady of the evening to be happy.

Tonight on CUTTING IT: IN THE ATL, LaKenya celebrates her own salon and issues her personal declaration of independence.

She’s nobody’s girl anymore and all decisions she makes are for her own betterment, without having to take anyone’s feelings into account.

That may not be news to Mushiya, but she learns what it means and learns it immediately.

Post-episode update with SPOILERS posted below

In the EXCLUSIVE sneak peek posted below, Mushiya uses the salon-opening party to announce her own line of hair. She does it in the form of a gift, but nonetheless, she’s stealing just a tiny bit of the spotlight.

We got a glimpse of Mushiya’s product, Runway Curls, in last week’s show. The woman is proud of her natural product and of course, it puts her in competition with Maja, who by the way, is sporting a natural hair style for the evening.

LaKenya makes a face when she sees the Runway Curls, that resembles someone being forced to smell onions. That makes the other ladies giggle just a bit, but Maja gets rowdy.

Yes, the “ladylike” Maja who always put down the others for getting into arguments, whenever they were together. Beautii’s loving that side of the Walk-In-Weave queen who may just feel a tad bit threatened by Mushiya’s product launch.


OK, what the heck happened last night? Other than LaKenya no one behaved well. Here’s the summary.

Beautii: She was avenging Dedra’s nasty mug shot cake stunt on behalf of Maja, except she never asked or mentioned it prior to the event. As Dedra called them “hood rats” and her favorite nasty nickname for the other three shop owners, “heifers” Beautii and a handful of pals picketed J’Doha Salon.

Beautii was also the first to hear from Maja about the addition of curly hair to the popular line Pretty Hair. Maja sported a natural look throughout the episode to demonstrate how good the curls looked when worn. Beautii also insulted LaKenya when she saw her new work space. She rented a small suite in an already-established building and Beautii was shocked at how tiny it was. To make up for her insult she offered to help LaKenya put on her party to celebrate the new business.

The biggest blunder of the night was asking Mushiya to come as her plus-one. Not only wasn’t The Damn Salon owner not invited by LaKenya, but she came with an entourage. Yikes!

Maja: Why did she go natural? She hated how she looked in the mug shot and changed it up. She’s been fired up since the cake arrived and was sporting a new attitude. It was more prickly and outspoken, a departure from her “can’t we all get along” persona.

She defended LaKenya’s decision to start small in a suite and also offered to foot some of the bill for the party, but got up in her face when she learned that Dedra might be attending. Beautii added her two cents to that and no one was looking out for LaKenya’s feelings.

Dedra: She was crabby self and didn’t get any less so after being picketed by Beautii. She argued with LaKenya about the others being invited to the party, realizing that LaKenya was not going to choose sides. She wanted everyone there, if they could behave. When Dedra learned that the LaKenya was taking help from Beautii and Maja to make the party fabulous she swore she wouldn’t attend and seemed to run LaKenya out of her life.

Surprise! She showed up and all was fine for about a minute, but when she got the news that her frenemies would be arriving she hightailed it out of there.

Mushiya: We got another glimpse of her fabulous life as she recorded a music video to promote Runway Curls. Beautii arrived in the middle of it and gave her crap about pulling a BeyoncĂ©. Mushiya was thrilled to hear LaKenya was on her own, away from Dedra and wasn’t the least bit miffed that she had to come as a guest of Beautii.

She was bound and determined to celebrate LaKenya’s independence and to rope her into buying the natural hair extension line.

The Party: LaKenya was so nervous as the ladies began to arrive she found it difficult to enjoy herself on her big night. It was a well attended affair at a local restaurant, but it really got going in the wrong direction when the Mushiya entourage arrived.

The entire place fell silent as Mushiya made a noisy and grand entrance. When Maja got a look at the Runway Curls she about had a fit. She accused Mushiya of working in secret, knowing that Maja’s Pretty Hair was already out there. Here’s the thing though, Maja felt like she should have no competition and got prickly about it.

We’re thinking that any one of those ladies should be able to come up with ideas to compete with the entire Atlanta hair scene and beyond. Runway Curls are natural black hair and fit nicely into The Damn Salon’s styles. Maja’s new curls are not meant to mimic natural African-American hair.

It got ugly, but no punches were thrown and poor LaKenya listened as Mushiya declared “The party’s over” as she led her entourage out the door.

Stay tuned for next week’s reunion show. Whoever hosts it better be ready to pull these ladies apart. What did you think of the season finale and the Maja vs. Mushiya hair line issue?

Catch the new episode of CUTTING IT: IN THE ATL tonight July 16th at 10 p.m. ET/PT on WE tv. Video and image clip, courtesy of WE tv

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