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DCC: MAKING THE TEAM Recap: Colby’s Face Explained And Fear Runs Rampant At Camp

In the aptly named episode three of DCC: MAKING THE TEAM Season 10, “An Emotional Beginning”, girls were already breaking down in tears after day one of training camp.

Melissa Rycroft feigned ignorance about why, as if she were an old person telling a youngster about how it was “in my day”. Wait until the dance routines begin piling up, day-after-day, she seemed to say. Yeah, that’s a comforting thought. Season 11, first cut of training camp. Fair or foul?

Melissa and a veteran held a daytime session to evaluate dancing skills and doled out advice, some of which was the usual vague stuff you get on DCC: MAKING THE TEAM. Loosen up, just be yourself, stop over-thinking and the obvious, practice, practice practice.

I have opined about this while covering other seasons of the show and it always comes to mind when girls tremble after critiques that aren’t specific. Why aren’t they offered the opportunity to look at video of practices? More than a couple of candidates mentioned trying to de-code a word used to describe why Judy or Kelli weren’t pleased.

As far as practice and taking daytime dance classes, well that isn’t open to those with full-time jobs They will soon discover that they’ll be out the door unless they choose between DCC and their livelihood. Not a pleasant prospect.

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Is it fair? Frankly, yes it is. These ladies have seen the show and know what it takes, but they try anyway. Nothing wrong with that, and it’s sad that dreams can die for lack of income, which many of us can attest to. The old bromide, that hard work and dedication conquer all doesn’t apply when full-time work leaves no room for practice time.

Later in the week, Kelli was stunned, after the dreaded post-practice office sessions that the girls feared being cut. Rose was a blubbering mess facing Judy and Kelli and even had to explain why she was crying.

Kelli wondered out loud to Judy after Rose’s session, why the rookie could think cuts would be made this early. There’s so much time left to “encourage” the candidates to get better. Yet, Kelli and Judy were already speculating about which ten candidates won’t make it, so I guess it isn’t that early after all.

Who’s Already Iffy? 

Madeline’s squarely in the cross hairs, Colby, Rose and Courtney are others who are being talked about as doomed, but only Rose and Colby faced the music in the office.

Kelli hit Rose often and hit her hard. “You’re being seen as average, ” Kelli told her bluntly, then asked a question that no one can truly answer. “How long will it take ’til you develop?” That led to learning that Rose has taken no dance technique classes for two years.

Judy tried to be kind, but touched on what we think as viewers. “You still have that little girl awkwardness. Some people just can’t do hip-hop or pom-style dancing.”

After they scared the living crap out of her, they did their encouraging talk routine. Kelli said,”That’s not to say we don’t think you have potential here. We wouldn’t have you here if you didn’t.”

You knew then that Rose was safe for now, since the background music changed from what you hear in a slasher movie, to something from a rom-com.

When it was Colby’s turn you just knew Kelli was going to get the answers to her questions about what the heck’s going on with that girl’s face. She didn’t waste any time.

Colby’s dancing is not fluid and she seems to hunch her shoulders, keeping her arms close to her body rather than swinging away. She keeps spouting off about waiting for her “breakthrough moment”, which didn’t sit well with Melissa and ain’t gonna cut it when you’re in front of the two-headed monster in the office.

Kelli got right to the point.

“I’ve never had this discussion with anybody before, but I’m going to anyway. Have you done a lot of work or something,” as she pointed to her own face. Colby was forthcoming and explained that a friend injected her lips with filler and didn’t do a great job.

Yet that wasn’t enough for Kelli, who figured, what the heck, I’ve already gone down the path, I might as well get all questions out of the way.”So cheeks are natural? I would have thought you had cheek fillers. The way it’s reading is that you’re squinting a lot.”

Colby said it was a habit she picked up in childhood and then Kelli hit her stride with, “I don’t know if we have a remedy for that. It was distracting.”

But no, she hadn’t reached the peak of frank talk yet. There was this: “You know you won the fan vote. Two years in the past, the judges had picked, along with the fan vote. Fans got you here, the judges did not. So I think we have some real style work to address.

“You have a real odd shrug and you were shrugging the whole time while you were dancing. We’re asking you to be real bold and real big.” Colby said she lacked confidence and then heard Kelli warn her that 10 people will be cut at camp. “You’ve got your work cut out for you, but for the moment, I think we should just keep pressing on.”

Yeah, now I understand why Kelli was confused about girls living in fear of going home this early. Don’t you?

CMT airs DCC: MAKING THE TEAM, Friday nights at 11 p.m. ET/PT.   Image credit: CMT, used with permission

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7 thoughts on “DCC: MAKING THE TEAM Recap: Colby’s Face Explained And Fear Runs Rampant At Camp

  1. Frankly, I feel like Kelli especially had a bone to pick with Colby from the beginning. I have watched all episodes so far, and I think it was rude of Kelli and Judy to make comments about botox work before they even asked her about that in the first call into the office. Facial expressions can be something that is learned from childhood, even a smile that seems forced or tight as Colby explained about her shrugging and her cheeks. No implants there, sorry girls. I personally, do not think she stands a chance in you know where to succeed in that judgmental environment. I realized they MUST be picky, especially with dance, kicks and working well on the field and all other aspects of being on a very special teams but on this girl I think they shot her down before a chance was given.


  2. Again, cackling like a chicken!! The slasher film comment, the searing Colby recap, all of it. Kelli visibly loathes Colby, I mean, it’s palpable. I remember one time I was stalking Kelli’s tweets in an attempt to understand her better (I emerged from my quest, fruitless) and she had one that said “Be kind whenever possible. It’s always possible”. Apparently she just meant that in theory it’s possible. Should have put #justsaying after it, as clearly, she doesn’t practice this motto.

    Excuse me, my phone is ringing “Hello? Yes, this is Monica, oh hi Irony! Why yes, I *DID* notice that Melissa R’s lips appear to be pumped full of filler this season. Good to hear from you”.

    At the risk of being unkind (it’s ALWAYS possible), I’d like to say that I loathe Melissa’s role on this show. It’s so transparent. She wrote in her book (I didn’t read it, I’m going off of a recap) that the squad “mean girls” were one reason for her departure from the DCC, and she quit part way through training camp or something to hang out with her boyfriend and then he dumped her so she begged for her spot back. Not exactly DCC legend material. She’s on because she’s a name. I mean, sort of.

    Colby. I don’t dislike her. But didn’t she see this coming? Do any of these girls/women WATCH this show?? Do they not know that anything short of absolute perfection in the eyes of K&J will be fodder for public ridicule? Char, Kelli and Judes can say “I applaud that spirit” all day but we know that they’re annoyed and insulted.

  3. Man, am I glad you wrote that about Melissa R. I cannot stand her role on the show, and would prefer that K&J devote those wasted minutes to allowing viewers to get to see more of the vets, like back in Season 2. I feel that I barely know any of the girls who arrived after Season 7, when they began their hyper-focus on the “weakest links” (Ashley P, Morgan, Breelan, etc.).

    Let’s show Rycroft (and her lip fillers) the door, and allow the rookies to REALLY be mentored by some of the DCC rock stars from past seasons. Now THAT would be worth watching. The best thing that ever happened to Rycroft was being dumped on national television by Bachelor Jason Mesnick…otherwise, DWTS would have never cast her in the first place.

    As for Colby: she looks TOO OLD, period. Add to that her lack of dance skill, plus the odd way she moves (or doesn’t move) her face, and the result is a complete distraction. I’m sure Kelli can’t stand her because she’s an insult to Training Camp: nobody that blatantly unsuited for TC has ever made it in before. I think Kelli wishes that Colby would snap out of her delusion that she’s ten years younger, sparing Kelli the job of having to give the woman a wake-up call herself. (On Ep. 3 it gets worse, where viewers are treated to Colby inclining her head coquettishly when she’s dancing or looking in the mirror, like a little girl flirting with herself. Ugh.)

  4. I honestly think Judy & kelly were jealous of Coby, I think they wish they could’ve done what she’s doing at age 30. I am not saying Coby is the most beautiful girl on DCC but come on ladies practice what you preach & don’t hate!!! If anything they should’ve given her praise for what she was trying to do at age 30, by the way 30 is still very young I just feel bad she wasn’t 20 hmm maybe then they would’ve treated her better & kept her on the team. They do play favorites look at Judys daughter she’s a vet of 5yrs & she’s not pretty at all wow I think that says it all if she’s still there why can’t Coby still be there that’s all I have to say on that !!

  5. I can’t believe Courtney J was cut, I instantly stopped watching any further episodes. She had a great personality and I think she was improving. I was shocked and angry. Probably won’t watch this show again.

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