Teryl Rothery, Andie MacDowell; CEDAR COVE, Hallmark Channel. Credit: Copyright 2015 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: Eike Schroter

CEDAR COVE Season Finale: Has Olivia Made a Terrible Mistake Moving in with Jack? (Video Preview)

Is it time for the Season Finale on Hallmark Channel fan-favorite CEDAR COVE already? Afraid so, but, hey, at least it is a two-parter!

Cedar Cove is a quaint little town. But, like all quaint little towns where everyone thinks they know everyone else, there are secrets to be discovered. And, what better way to discover them by living together?

Will secrets tear Olivia and Jack apart for the final time?

Tonight, according to Hallmark Channel, on “Getting to Know You, Part One”:

After Jack (Dylan Neal) moves in, Olivia (Andie MacDowell) grows unsettled as she unpacks boxes full of memories from his past and realizes she knows so little about him. While Olivia struggles to get him to open up, Jack is distracted with a new challenge in Seattle when David (Bruce Dawson) forces him to hire an entitled young journalist – with a catch.

Meanwhile, after Justine (Sarah Smyth) bravely tells Luke (Jesse Hutch) she loves him he suddenly pulls away and hides a big decision from her. And as Grace (Teryl Rothery) plans an extravagant wedding, an uneasy Cliff (Sebastian Spence) feels it’s over-the-top. But when he suggests something simple, Grace wonders if their differences are too great for their marriage to work.

Then, as Peggy (Barbara Niven) and Grace team up to organize the annual Cedar Cove bike race in support of Ford’s Warriors in Pink®, the whole town rallies together to support the worthy cause – and witnesses a heartfelt surprise proposal. But when Paul (special guest star Colin Ferguson) sees Olivia and Jack working on making their relationship stronger than ever, he contemplates his future in Cedar Cove and comes to a conclusion that could stun everyone.

Also starring: Bruce Boxleitner (“Bob”), Timothy Webber (“Moon”), Elyse Levesque (“Maryellen”), Cameron Bancroft (“Will”), Cindy Busby (“Rebecca”), Mike Dopud (“Roy”), Anna Van Hooft (“Linnette”), Giles Panton (“John”), Andrew Francis (“Derek”) Tara Wilson (“Gloria”) Sarah Jane Redmond (“Corrie”), Adam DiMarco (“Eddie”), Giacomo Baessato (“Brad”), Chelsey Marie Reist (“Jennifer”), and Chris William Martin (“Anthony”).

DEBBIE MACOMBER’S CEDAR COVE Season Three is produced by Unity Pictures and distributed by Dan Wigutow Productions. Executive producers are Ron French, Dan Wigutow, Sue Tenney, Stephen Harmaty, Andie MacDowell and Debbie Macomber. Tenney is the show runner. CEDAR COVE is based on the popular book series Cedar Cove by New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber.

CEDAR COVE airs on Hallmark Channel on Saturday nights at 8/7c.

Tonight following CEDAR COVE, an all-new Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “Lead With Your Heart,” starring William Baldwin and Kari Matchett, premieres. Read more right here on TVRuckus!

Image:  Courtesy of Hallmark Channel, Used with Permission. Copyright 2015 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: Eike Schroter

Video:  YouTube

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