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ICE LAKE REBELS Recap: Community Love the Message of the Night as Summer Arrives on Great Slave

Another winter has warmed into spring for the residents of Great Slave Lake, and the ICE LAKE REBELS are welcoming the warmer weather on Animal Planet with gusto, as temperatures hover around 60-degrees F.

“Some people really hate saying goodbye to winter; I mean the simplicity of just driving to your house, you can’t really beat that,” resident Molly McKinnon said, sounding like she might be one of those who hate to let go! “But, summer’s nice. It’s got so many beautiful things, and boating home every day? That’s kind of a nice experience.”

Read an interview with Molly about life on Great Slave Lake right here on TVRuckus!

Last night, Molly and her dad, Gary, were getting ready for her annual post-breakup party. She feeds the lake residents at her restaurant–great family gesture! When she visited the local fish supplier, she learned that the co-owner, Henry Jewer, was in the hospital after a bout of pneumonia, a triple by-pass and rough recovery. Brian Abbott, co-owner of the Great Slave Fishplant with Henry, was working in the plant, and gave Molly the details, along with his current address.

Molly and Pike Mike Harrison headed off to take some food and kindness to Henry, who was resting in bed. Henry expected it would be a long recovery–six months or more–and Pike Mike indicated that he is determined to offer as much assistance as possible to help him make ends meet.

“One thing about being together with Henry made me realize that we are not indestructible and that we should be careful and take care of each other,” Pike Mike related after the visit. And, he was ready to head back to Great Slave Lake.

After his visit with Henry, Pike Mike was then ready to make his move, ready to continue his life as a local guide. Easier said than done; moving an entire house, even one on water, takes a bit of finesse. Luckily, Pike Mike–along with some help from Gary–had the skills necessary and the move went well.

With his recent change of heart, Pike Mike was looking for a new neighbor:  Gary Vaillancourt. Would Gary go for it? Well, he was not opposed to being the caretaker of Pike Mike’s houseboat, with him away so much. But living adjacent to Gary? Pike Mike was willing to pay rent and exchange free labor, but Gary insisted: Only on the condition that the move into his space was temporary. Pike Mike agreed and, now, it looks like Gary has a new neighbor. Will he indeed be temporary?

Time will tell.

Stephan and Allyce have been having wolf issues, so this week, they were assessing the area for wildlife threats, including wolves and bears. It’s a dangerous time of year, especially with mama bears and their cubs in the area. And tromping around in the woods? Maybe not so safe. But, armed with bear spray, off they went, along with beloved dog, Dora, who seemed calm, i.e. not alerted to any nearby dangers.

Stephan and Allyce have a beautiful houseboat, and it appears to be an amazing area, out on Vee Lake–but they really are isolated! Gotta take the good with the bad and just deal with it. And, speaking of the bad, remember that snowmobile that Stephan sank on Vee Lake? With some professional help, it was recovered, and is no longer taking up space on the bottom of the lake.

“I will not taunt the lake again,” Stephan vowed, later observing, “If it ain’t hard, it ain’t real.”

Lake newbies Peyton Straker and Kyle Enzoe are finding the threat of bears unnerving–well, maybe it is more Peyton than Kyle. Yeah, it is more Peyton. She seems to just be realizing for the first time that she shares the area with the wildlife–and they are the natives to the area, not her. Early on, she was determined. But, visiting their first springtime town hall meeting, Kyle said he was loving it, while Peyton said she was “okay” with it. Will they–she–make it?

Time will tell, but her enthusiasm for life on the lake definitely seemed muted.

And, the surprise of the evening?

Pike Mike brought Henry to the town hall meeting! He looked tired, but happy to be there, and the residents were certainly happy to see him, presenting him with a little token of their appreciation and neighborly love.

“I am getting to the point now where this is going to come in very, very, very handy to me. … actually a little moved about this because I wasn’t expecting money like this,” he said.

Get better soon, Henry; it’s obvious there is love and community to go around on Great Slave Lake!

ICE LAKE REBELS airs on Animal Planet on Sunday nights at 10/9c.

Image:  Animal Planet via Facebook

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  1. Molly I would love to show you the proper way to live & survive out in the wilderness. How do I contact you directly lol?

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