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MOUNTAIN MEN: Why Was Morgan Not Included in Season Finale?

UPDATED: Fans debate existence of Dark Forest, Black Wolf in Lee Cty. VA

Last night, fans of MOUNTAIN MEN tuned in to the Season Finale on History, hoping to get an answer to their ongoing question: What is going on with Morgan?

Morgan was introduced to the MOUNTAIN MEN cast as he walked across many, many miles to get to his isolated property. He finally got there and received a supply drop at one point. But, he’s been pretty much forgotten by the History Channel show as of late. Surely, viewers likely thought, he would be included in the Season Finale. He was included in the teases for the Season Finale on the MOUNTAIN MEN Facebook page.

But, no, Morgan was not in the Season Finale.

Very disappointing.

It is always great to see Tom and his wife, Nancy on the show, and they were working as a team last night, making knives. Tom did not have a great trapping season. Last night it was indicated that he could make ends meet, but not a lot more than that with the fur he would be able to sell. But, such is the life of a mountain man–good years, bad years. “It’s a love for doing what we do, too, and we can make a living at it. So, that’s really what it’s all about for us,” he explained.

Rich was herding cows last night. Several of the cows had new babies, and one was missing. Fortunately, Rich was able to find it and get it back to its mother. “It feels good to save the life of a calf,” he said. “Living in the mountains, you have to adapt to all the different situations to survive,” he commented. “I love living in the mountains, love what I’m doing and I’m never gonna quit doing it,” he added.

Eustace was as bumbling as ever, trying to run his ancient sawmill. He and Preston were cutting logs into useable lumber, when it started shooting off the end. Turned out a belt had broken, and Eustace did not have another. But, as always, the duo was able to work some mountain man magic and get the belt together again and the mill back on track. The belt repair was ugly, as Eustace observed, but it worked. “I feel real good about it,” Eustace said about the whole logging experience, which he was hoping would bring them $14,000 when it is all said and done.

Nothing ever seems to get Eustace and Preston down for long.

Kyle and Ben, along with Kyle’s father, Jerry, were working to get the ranching business going. Jerry had brought 16 head of cattle, and they had to be driven to the land Ben and Kyle prepared. It was a rough journey, and a new experience for both the cattle and Ben. Keeping the cows together was a challenge, but they managed to get them all to Dead Horse Canyon as a group. It took a lot of work over the season to get the land all ready for the herd, but these two mountain men got the job done. “Well, Benny, I’m sure proud of you,” Kyle told his son. Whether Kyle is one of your MOUNTAIN MEN favorites or not, it is hard to deny that he does a great job teaching his son to carry on to the next generation.

Marty, as always, had to work through problems to get back home. Getting his plane off the ground was a challenge, with rotten ice all around and the potential for falling through and into water, leaving him stranded, at best, but he made it into the air and home to his girls. “Everything turned out good,” he told his wife when he finally arrived home, relieved that he now has two traplines to work in the future.

But, no Morgan.

A tease for next season appeared to include Morgan (and not, by the way, Kyle), and perhaps a new cast member, but it was still disappointing to get no closure on what is going on with Morgan for THIS season. And, it still leaves us asking: Even if Morgan is included next season, will it be for the ENTIRE season, or will he be brought in at the beginning and subsequently forgotten, as he appears to have been this year? Disappointing.

But, we’ll stay tuned.

Image:  History Channel via Facebook

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53 thoughts on “MOUNTAIN MEN: Why Was Morgan Not Included in Season Finale?

  1. I’m tired of Rick. Who wants to see him running around with his dogs doing the same thing every show.
    Shw more of Morgan.

  2. Thanks for this article! I too am very disappointed in the History Channel’s coverage of Morgan. They owe the viewers an explanation or some “lost” footage at the very least. I can only guess there may have been some sort of situation that caused them to stop filming for a while? Maybe Morgan got sick of having people around? But the teaser of him in the next season preview seems like they’ll pick up right where they left him. I wanted to see what would have been the most fascinating part of Morgan’s adventure…. building a cabin and setting up a homestead with his own two hands. History Channel could have had a blast setting up time lapse cameras to record him working away on his new home. I really feel cheated by the producers this season and if they’re reading, you owe the loyal viewers an explanation of why you suddenly stopped covering Morgan.

  3. I agree Morgan would be a better choice over Rich, even though I like him, his antics are boring and there’s more growth for Morgan. Perhaps they felt like viewers called their bluff. The whole concept of Morgan has been stupid from the get go. No one, even a mountain man, would have risked such a journey. It would have been nothing for him to hitch a plane ride to that area. I love the show, but I’d rather have authentic than to try and spice it up with drama

  4. I’m glad I found this feed. I just watched the season 4 finale and it only just struck me morgan hadn’t been in the previous 3 episodes. I’ve really enjoyed following his story so far and I agree with d, the next part of Morgans journey for me is the most fascinating. I really hope they show more of that in the next season. I can however shed some light on the new mountain man for 2016. At the end of the finale it briefly shows a man sitting under a lean to. His name is Jason Hawk and I was pleasantly surprised to see he would hopefully be the next cast member. As this isn’t his first appearance on history channel. The show “No Mans Land” features him and other survivalists that live in deserts. I’m not sure how he will be integrated into MM as he lives in the desert with his wife and father. Suppose that’s just something we can speculate over. And if there is a void in your TV viewing since the finale of MM then I highly recommend No Mans Land. Only 1 season so far but its exactly the same format as MM just in the desert. It’s a must for MM fans.

  5. Thanks for one of my favorite shows , Mountain Men . How ever I am very disappointed that I didn’t get to see Morgan start building on his cabin and his homestead . I did get to see his supply drop but not what was in it as to tools , guns and etc. Please do not leave me stranded at this point on Morgan .

  6. I as well was quite disappointed to see only the drop that Morgan awaited for, then that was it. He spoke of his next chapter, which was starting to build his home. I was very much looking forward to this. I think an explanation would have been nice. I’m hoping this isn’t some sad way of getting people to stay tuned…..I really expected more from this network if this is the case. An explanation would be nice. As in “The Truth”.

  7. Please bring Morgan back! I enjoy all of the show but especially ,Eustace,,Marty ,Tom, Rich, and Morgan. I live about 2 hours from Triplett NC and I do hope to visit Turtle Island some day soon. At the least, please let us know what to expect.

  8. Please bring mountain men back wrong watch every show and our whole family enjoys bring it back please. Don’t take away the best show on t.v. and the history channel. You already took another one of the best shows off which was also numbers one shows on your network off. Yea I’m talking about swamp people before long u will be a network not watch and out of business if you keep taking all the number one shows off.Please don’t take mountain man to or you , will be left with no audience and no reason to stay on. Like storage wars on 118 if they would take Dave off they would Haverford of an audience.

  9. My husband has watched Mountain Men from the start and he really feels duped by Morgan suddenly having a house and three horses, but he had to walk over the mountain to get there? No horse feed, and no good ground for growing?

  10. My husband has watched Mountain Men from the start and he really feels duped by Morgan suddenly having a house and three horses, but he had to walk over the mountain to get there? No horse feed, and no good ground for growing? Where did the dog come from? Ho w does he contact the outer world, the camera man?

  11. I love Mountain Men as well Tom is my favorite and seams the most real person on the show. I would like to know what happened to Kyle and Ben but I hope that Kyle some day teaches that boy to really ride that horse and not just sit on it an follow along. I thought Morgan’s walk across to his property was boring but it is a good question as to how he got horses to the property and really why If he wanted horse he would not wait until summer to bring them in to start out with so he could get food and shelter and such for them. As for Eustace with this new planner he got why in the world did he not place it in the barn he built next to the saw mill and under cover form the elements this boggles my husband and my mind.

    • i guess you werent paying attention the truck that brought the machine coulnd make it that close thats why they put it where they did

    • i guess you werent paying attention the truck that brought the machine coulnd make it that close thats why they put it where they did

  12. Mountain Men is one of the few reality shos worth watching. Not trashy like all the others. Please do not cancel this show. My husband and I look forward to it every week but it seems it just suddenly disappeared. Why?

  13. As others have pointed out, “Morgan” is an actor whose appearances on the show are determined by his availability when not playing other roles.

  14. I agree, MM is the best outdoor/survival show, together with LBZ and The Last Alaskan. We certainly need more coverage on Morgan. Can History Channel please reply viewers the below:
    1. What was in Morgan’s airdrop?
    2. What guns does Morgan carry?
    3. Why didn’t he build a traditional log cabin? His current one looks rather flimsy.
    4. In fact, can you do a full documentary on Morgan?

  15. I agree, Rick and his dogs is boring.
    I miss seeing Morgan and eager to find out how he is coping out there. We need more show time of him as well as Marty and Tom and Eustace. Don’t care much for Kyle.

  16. I agree with many of the comments and concerns about this show and would like to add a few of my own. I’m also tired of watching Rick chase his dogs all over the mountains and every show is the same. Tom however is great with his trapping skills and his knowledge of furs and skins plus his expertise with all his crafts. Eustance is another favorite and it’s incredible how he can run a sawmill and board planer with power generated from a stream and power his truck by burning wood chips. As for Kyle and Ben, why would any father want to put his boy through this? This show is Mountain Men not boys. Is Ben really happy about this and where is his mother? Ben seems to be a very quiet, well mannered boy who respects his father and would do anything ask of him but should he be expected to go out in sub-zero weather in a blizzard for hours to watch his father hopefully kill a deer? On some of the episodes it appears that he has a fear of horses. I would think he would rather share experiences with other kids than to throw a hatchet and hit a tree. He is a good looking boy but he needs to see an orthodontist. These are just my opinions and not meant to offend or criticize anyone. I respect all people involved to make this a great show.

  17. Don’t you dare get rid of Rich. I love the lions. And what happened to Kyle and Benny this year. Bring them back. They have great horses.

  18. I too want to know what’s going on with Morgan. I really enjoy watching him try to make it on his land. The show needs to focus more on Morgan and less time on Rich; totally boring. Tom needs to retire. I get really tired of him saying he just doesn’t know who he’s going to get by. REALLY?!?!? The guys must be close to 75 or older. Tom, use your social security and money you make off the show, that’s how you’re going go make it. Retire!!!!

  19. I thought I missed the episodes where Morgan built his house, got his dog and got his horses–now I see that I didn’t. Like everyone else, I want to know more about Morgan, how he built his house, where he got the dog & horses.

  20. If you do a little research you will find that Morgan Beasley’s mountain men story is not quite accurate. according to his website, Morgan and Margaret and the dogs and horses and tons of supplies were flown into Alaska. He flew in with the horses. his website has a picture of him on the plane. why did the history channel present his story the way they did. I am disappointed that they haven’t been honest the whole time showing his story. according to his website they are building an air strip and will be hosting visitors for fees on their property. they are not truly isolated like they portray on the show. Dissappointing

  21. Look up Morgan Beasley. He and Margaret have a website. History channel is NOT accurate in their portral. They are setting up a business for people to vacation too!! With sauna, horse rides, nature hikes, etc etc…TOGETHER they have been living their almost the whole time.

  22. He always looks like he wants a good wash,i also feel sorry for his horses,i hope that man and his son is not in the next series the boy looks cowed down also whats with the plats he must be 60,i think hes called charlie hes a drip also the one in the planes ok the one also chaseing the lions why doesnt he just shoot them and then that one married to nancy i think shes the boss there ha ha in the next series dont show that man who lives in the tepee his teeth terrible

  23. I love the show. All of the people featured live very interesting lives and I appreciate them giving us look inside them. We may or may not agree with what they do or how they do it, but it isn’t up to us to say they are doing it wrong. I live on a farm in the mountains of NC and you would probably think my life is boring too, but I love it. Please renew the show for another season. I feel connected to some of the people on it and am just plain entertained by the the others.
    Thank you,

  24. I enjoyed watching Kyle teaching Ben how to survive. His dad would not let him die in the cold! I am sure Ben will not grow up to be “snowflake.” Does anyone know where they went. I love this show and all the participants.

  25. I like Mountain Men the real ones not Beasley hes comic relief. A greenhorn wanna be. He even admitted he read books & magazines and had plane drop of supplies? Thats not mountainmen. He should buy snowmoblie and ask Tom Or how to trap& hunt- Hes an idiot Id rather watch Kyle and his son than Morgan Beasley- only failure follows someone who cant survive in Wilderness. And he will in time- a waste of time watching him almost taking a header in a frozen river & Im laughing.😆 Wise up history channel Beasley is a bore& seems Snobbish too city wise.

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