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ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE Recap: Ami Brown Leaves the Wolf Pack with Severe Neck Pain

UPDATED: Can the Brown ‘kids’ step up following Ami’s injury? 

Last night, ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE returned to Discovery Channel, and the Brown family found themselves facing trouble once again, this time the biggest emergency coming from a physical problem striking mom Ami.

Just when the Browns thought they were facing clear sailing, with a summer of preparing for winter ahead of them instead of just trying to limp their way through the summer, Ami began experiencing severe pain. The Browns had actually just finished dealing with one problem–the throttle on their boat was stuck wide-open as they tried to pull logs through the water to be milled because the “boys” tied the logs wrong and it was dragging on the boat–when the next problem began to present itself.

Apparently Ami has had neck problems in the past, but last night, she was in excruciating pain, with swelling on her neck and down her spine. Ami said it was burning, and it was like a vice was tightening on the area. She did not want to go to the doctor, but she ended up in the hospital, anyway.

It was not clear exactly what had happened to Ami, but the pain was referred to as an “injury.” What was the problem? What was the treatment? Was it a short-term or long-term issue? And, could it result in Ami having to stay in town permanently? None of these questions were answered last night. All that was really clear was that Ami continued to be in severe pain with no answers forthcoming.

Billy, Snowbird, Rainy and Noah all accompanied Ami to the hospital for testing and treatment. The rest of the “boys” stayed back, to try and get some work completed. They vowed that when their mom returned, she would not have to lift a finger to work–but they are going to have to pull together a little better in order to make that happen. Yes, they caught some salmon last night, but not without the usual annoying bickering, meaning that the task at hand took longer than it should have–not a good way to conduct business when there is a lot to do with limited time to do it all.

So, perhaps next week we will get a better idea of just what is wrong with Ami; in the meantime, we certainly wish her well.

ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE airs on Discovery Channel on Wednesday nights at 9/8c.

Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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24 thoughts on “ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE Recap: Ami Brown Leaves the Wolf Pack with Severe Neck Pain

  1. I love the Browns, and I love the Alaskan Bush people series. Although what I really have a problem with is Bam Bam always being condescending, acting like a dictator, just being a real a****** to his brothers. He thinks he knows everything and he doesn’t! He can never admit his own shortcomings and I really am disgusted watching him all the time acting like a jerk. He needs a true attitude adjustment.

    • Kristen R: you posted exactly what I was gonna say, word for word! Bam is the trouble making moron in the family & just like you I am really disgusted watching him all the time acting like a jerk to everyone.

  2. Hi Kristen, I just recently started watching the show’s reruns ? (where they are building their house) and i enjoy it alot but i don’t know their history. Can you please tell me about the families similiar speech problem… i have noticed the parents don’t talk the way that most of the children do. Thank you for any response. Dan H.

  3. One of the best shows on television! Far surpasses ones like the Kardashians!! Hope it continues for a long time. Bam bam does need to back off from his controlling ways! God bless them all

  4. Sorry you are in hospital with neck pain Ami!! Broke my heart to see you in such aweful pain! Hope you are feeling better soon! Marcy, Greeley, Colorado. 😊💕

  5. Ami I’m praying for a fast recovery, I just adore u and your family. I pray it is nothing serious. I love your family, and I look forward to seeing more.

  6. Ami, & Bush family I am praying for all your family, I really enjoy you show. I hope you get healed and I pray for your husband that , God will strengthen him and be in good health too. Blessings to all your wonderful family. The joy of the Lord is your strength.

  7. I just love this show ,I don’t know if its real or not but its great,i really hope Ami is doing well,i know myself I don’t think I would want my mom living that way ,but she really truly loves her family,and all the work you all have done is awesome ,your going to have your own little community out there,i was wondering are you making money of this show ,hopefully you are,anyway you all should be proud of what all of you have accomplished,and please take care of your parents all of you are strong enough,to do all the work let ma and pa rest,love you all would really like to meet all of you someday I live in a small town in a cabin like house on a lake if any of you ever need a place to stay,or want to come to Minnesota to visit….

  8. at the end of tonight’s show they were talking about Billy possibly only having a couple days left to live. It appears that he took ill suddenly or perhaps something like a heart attack. I don’t know what happened does anybody else know? I would love to go live with them for a while. what a great show and a cool lifestyle. I am jealous.

  9. Its amusing to see all the complainers writing negative comments about the Brown family with their demeaning remarks. I have to wonder that if was so bad why you would take the time to watch it and write about it. At least this family is out making a living and doing something to improve their lives. For all of the negative comments you have about them I can only imagen what kind of person you might be, maybe your no better than the demeaning comments you’re writing about

  10. I am no longer watching this show. It’s all fake, staged and and the Discovery Channel and the Browns should all be ashamed of themselves!! If you Google the Brown family you can see that they have not EVER lived in the bush, off the grid! So disappointing!

  11. Ami and all the Bush family a very speedy recovery and if need be I hope you go into the hospital and get it taken care of see you can be back with your family in the bush very speedy recovery

  12. I’ve heard they have “tongue tie” that’s why they talk weird. It also could be a combo of living in Texas, certainly isn’t their own accent from years spent living in the bush since they never lived in the bush. Do your homework on the family, to get the real story. Even though it’s fake and scripted, I still enjoy watching.

  13. I don’t care if it is fake I still enjoy watching it. I don’t watch it for it’s authenticity. ……I watch the Kilcher family for that. The ONLY complaint is have about the show is Bam Bam. He is arrogant, condescending, controlling and a total jerk……..reminds me of my ex. He acts like he knows everything when clearly he doesnt….. he even tries to tell Noah how to do things when Noah is far more intelligent than he is. I dont understand why Billy doesn’t put his foot up Bam’s ass and make him grow the hell up and quit acting like an 8 year old. He is disgusting. If I were Matt I would punch him right in the throat.

  14. The Browns are no fake,their a God loving tight family who live a real tough liFe, but the family is strong,I pray Ami lives and they stay together as a family even as the boys go off for a while seeking their lives they always have the browns life to return too……MORE

  15. To the Brown Family,

    Our prayers are with you all. Ami, we pray you recover from this terrible disease. May God be with you all, Lynda

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