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CAKE BOSS Season Finale Preview: Return of the Italian Social Club, Cigars Anyone? (VIDEO)

We’re at the end of the season for CAKE BOSS and TLC airs new back-to-back episodes Tuesday night November 17 to cap it all off.

In the first show, “Windmill, Wedding Cake Twist, Winding Down” Buddy takes a week off, but cake orders don’t slow down. Mauro attempts a windmill cake that needs to spin and feed 1,000 people!

In the preview video clip posted below, watch what happens when Mauro and Ralph try to put the finishing touches on the windmill structure that will go atop the cake. It could be what’s called an epic fail, but Mauro’s eagle eye  spots what’s wrong before it’s too late.

Then the guys bring back an old Italian tradition of the social club. Are cigars and pasta on the agenda?

Immediately following that is the season finale “Picky Nikki, Fresh Catch and Date Night”, as Carlo’s longtime employee Nikki has to figure out what kind of cake she wants with her own wedding coming up. All of a sudden, she draws a blank.

Then Lisa decides it’s enough when it comes her husband’s long hours and plans a home-cooked meal, just not at home.

TLC airs new episodes of CAKE BOSS Tuesday nights beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: TLC, used with permission

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6 thoughts on “CAKE BOSS Season Finale Preview: Return of the Italian Social Club, Cigars Anyone? (VIDEO)

  1. Hi! I just wanted to say that I truely enjoy watching your show.I coulded wait until you came on channel 77 Tuesday nights,I love all the cakes you have made through out the years you were on.I also loved the different pranks you had done on your staff,especially on Anthony. I was always wondering what your pasteries taste like. I would always think that it would be great to taste them,or be fun just to meet you and your whole staff in person.I love everything you stand for,not just a great baker,but someone who puts their family first.I just read that Anthony was leaving the show and that Ashley was also going.Both of them were great bakers who did an fantastic job working with all of you.I hope that you will return next year,so I can watch to see what different cakes you make.I try to watch and learn how you decorate each cake you make, to get knowledge on how to decorate them.You do give me some ideas on how to decorate the cakes when I get to bake.But for now I just like watching your show.Thankyou for being on and baking all those great cakes,pasteries,and different pies you make.Tell your family I am grateful for being able to be an fan of your show, and that I’m glad to know that you and your family,treat them like family should be.I really love your show,thankyou for being on.I hope to see you and your stsff next season.

    • Hi Frances, will check with TLC, but it’s been almost 2 years since Cake Boss has aired on the network. I’ll respond here when I get an answer.

    • Frances, finally heard from TLC. Here’s what they said, “Yes episodes begin running in early September. ” Hope that helps!

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