Bre-Z and Bryshere Y. Gray as Freda and Hakeem, do battle on "Empire"

EMPIRE ‘My Bad Parts’ Video Preview: Hakeem and Freda Prep For War (VIDEOS)

Who says war isn’t good for business? Certainly not media mogul Lucious Lyon on EMPIRE, who has forced son Hakeem into a battle with Freda Gatz, on the next episode, “My Bad Parts”.

This season we have seen Lucious slowly realize that none of his sons measure up to what he wanted just one of them to be – a young version of himself. The biggest ego in town wanted to crown a new king, but it looks like it will be a queen in the person of Freda.

Freda Gatz proved herself to be his next great gift to the music business.

Lucious gave her the beats and she killed it in the studio with his coaching and featured on the track that has as its backbone, “Boom Boom Boom Boom, Bang Bang Bang Bang.”

When Freda and Lucious call out Hakeem, it’s war. In the video preview posted below, listen to how Jussie Smollett describes watching it as the scene was shot for the show.

Smollett also takes us through the other huge stories in the episode, one of which is Boo Boo Kitty having one heck of a bad day, even looking longingly at a knife. Yikes!

What would an episode of EMPIRE be without Cookie and Lucious pulling out all the stops to one-up each other? Nothing, so that’s why Cookie is prepping Hakeem so that the Lyon Dynasty label isn’t shown up by Freda and Lucious.

Hakeem chose Cookie, despite all the promises from his daddy about how things would be if he only came home to Empire Records. Now he’s got to put up or get shown up and Lyon Dynasty might just hang in the balance.

This is all too good to miss so enjoy the taste of it all and then tune in to Fox, Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT. for the next installment of EMPIRE.

Image/video credit: FOX TV, used with permission

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