Bill, Jen and kids with Jen's mom at Halloween "The Little Couple"

THE LITTLE COUPLE Preview: Jen’s Parents Relocating, It’s Garage Sale Time (VIDEO)

Update September 2017: Jen & Bill moved the family too! Video clips of new season of the show.

THE LITTLE COUPLE presents “Big Family Changes”, tonight on TLC. Jen Arnold’s parents are moving to Florida.

Will it be tougher for Jen and Bill or Will and Zoey?

Judy, Jen’s mom isn’t only a support system for the couple when it comes to child care and helping them through their various medical crises. She’s been the manager of Bill’s pet shop for a long time.

Bill’s folks reside in New York, making Jen’s folks a constant in the lives of their grandkids.

How will it be handled to minimize the sadness, if that’s possible?

Video preview: Watch Jen help young cancer patient with music therapy

On THE LITTLE COUPLE, major life changes have been smoothed over by a positive and uplifting attitude, so when someone moves, it’s time for a garage sale.

Perfect for family participation or a disaster in the making?

To avoid problems of the kids underfoot while people take a look at what’s for sale, they’ve been given their own booth to sell something. It’s a lemonade stand for Will and Zoey. Oh the possibilities.

Later on, and to celebrate Halloween, it’s pumpkin carving time. In the video preview clip posted below, check out who has more problems making it all happen.

Notice that Grandma Judy understands it’s better to stay away from power tools. Too bad Bill didn’t realize that first!

TLC airs new episodes of THE LITTLE COUPLE Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: TLC, used with permission.

Stay tuned after the show’s conclusion for a look at a new family show, RATTLED. Watch a preview of the series that asks the hard questions of first-time parents. How does their marriage change when a child is added to the mix?

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    • Hi Kare, in the episode, they explained that they missed it. They went to Texas to help with the kids as they were adopted and then Jen’s cancer, Bill’s back operation. They never meant it to be permanent.

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