Cover of Think Big new book by Jen Arnold and Bill Klein, "The Little Couple"

THE LITTLE COUPLE Preview: A Cancer Checkup Then Photoshoot Fun (VIDEO)

Tonight it’s fun and games as well as some looking back on THE LITTLE COUPLE. Last week was bittersweet as we watched Jen’s parents pack and get ready for their move.

They returned to Florida after years of living close by in Houston, helping Bill and Jen deal with the arrival of the children, Jen’s cancer ordeal and Bill’s back surgery.

They were part of each holiday celebration and at least one of them traveled alongside the family to help with the logistics and child care.

Tonight during “A Little Visit to the Big Easy” Jen and Bill get to introduce Will to a very important person.

Preview: Watch Jen help young cancer patient through music therapy

That would be Martha, who helped bring Will into their lives. They meet at one of New Orleans’ must-visit sites, the Cafe Du Monde, famous for its beignets.

While there, Jen fulfills a request to be the guest speaker at a benefit for the local West Jefferson Medical Center’s new cancer wing.

As you can see from the book jacket photo posted above Jen and Bill have written another book. The photo session for the cover was as chaotic as you could expect.

In the preview video posted below, watch as Zoey acts like one of the photographer’s employees, by instructing her father on exactly where to stand.

Also featured tonight is a trip to Jen’s oncologist for her 18-month checkup. It’s about her health post recovery from the brutal chemo regime she endured. All in all, it’s a typical night on the show for the Arnold-Klein family.

Jen and Bill are set to release their new book THINK BIG slated to hit bookstores nationwide on April 12th.

TLC airs new episodes of THE LITTLE COUPLE Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: TLC, used with permission

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  1. Will’s behaviour is worse than terrible and, they allow him to get away with pushing Zoey down as well as throwing hard objects at her. Zoey is sweet but, they just ignore her and, pay more attention to Will which is very unfair.

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