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THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND ‘Drilling Down’ Recap: Lagina Brothers & Team Discuss Season Finale; Will There Be a Season 4?

Last night on History Channel, the Lagina brothers and their partners discussed the Season Finale of THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND on “Drilling Down,” and fans were wondering, no doubt, if any answers to questions left hanging would be disclosed.  Update: EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of new season premiere, airing Nov. 15th 

“Drilling Down” is hosted by Matty Blake, who sits down with the team and asks the questions fans of the show are asking. It was interesting, looking at the Season Finale from Rick and Marty’s point-of-view as viewers of the show. And, it seemed to confirm for Rick:  10X is not finished. But, Marty?

“I’m ecstatic we got there,” Marty said, talking about John Chatterton’s successfully getting to the bottom. But, on the subject of there being an “X” in 10X? “I would say there is at this point. I would rather move on,” he told Rick on the subject of 10X. “I would rather move to the Money Pit perhaps or, God forbid, back to the swamp, even.” And, fans know how Marty feels about the swamp, so his putting it on the short list and not 10X really puts his view of 10X in perspective.

Rick was obviously disappointed, as John Chatterton and Howard Ehrenberg sat down at the table with him and Marty, detailing the hard facts about John’s findings, including the “body” that was not found. For the dive, John was in the water; Howard was topside, interpreting his communication and keeping things as safe as possible mechanically and technically. Together, they presented a compelling set of facts regarding the “box,” which appears to have been a stone; the “body,” which appears to have been an area much rougher than the surrounding area, but no bones or other indications that there was ever a body there; and the boot-shaped tunnel sounded more like a natural feature, very small and from which John said he could break off clay with his hand. Even Rick had a hard time rousing a defense of continuing with 10X at that point.

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So, what about the sonar images that led to all of the anticipation of what 10X may be hiding? Brian Abbott had made some grand interpretations early in the season, declaring 90% accuracy that the stone John found was a man-made box. Last night, however, he was doing some serious backpedaling, detailing, essentially, why it wasn’t his fault that he made the wrong call, citing photos that the Laginas did not appear to be aware of, and had not provided for him.


What about the 2 posts? The second post, John said, was PVC pipe, not anchored to the ground and moveable in the environment. Where did it come from? No one seemed to know, but is it really that hard to believe that somewhere over the years a PVC pipe, a very common object, fell down there at some point? Dave Blankenship was quite hostile on John’s findings–understandable, given his position as the son of Dan Blankenship–but is it realistic to believe that the data he acquired, even in poor visibility conditions, is overwhelmingly flawed? Rick said, “I’d like to go back in May and dry it up and go down.”

If that is actually a possibility, why was that not done to begin with? Or, is that just a pipe dream that Marty and other investors would be paying for? Those answers were not clear, but one thing was clear: As far as Marty is concerned, at this time, 10X is off the table.

Descendents of early Oak Island treasure hunter Daniel McGinnis brought a golden cross, supposedly from the Money Pit, to the War Room on the Season Finale. But, is it a legit piece of buried treasure? It was discussed, but Marty emphasized that there is no verification of the piece, currently no way to determine that, yes, this is from the Money Pit. But, is it another “Roman sword?” Marty said the presentation of the piece to the team was “energizing”; fair enough. But really, who knows if it was it even found on the island, after being passed down from generation to generation? It could all be a grand hoax, unbeknownst to the current generation, passed down and believed over time. There is no documentation, really no way to confirm something like that, so right now, who knows? And, are the show’s fans willing to get their hopes up again for this little piece of unverified jewelry?

Only time will tell.

“Drilling Down” asked a lot of questions, but any real answers? Well, that probably just depends on what one is willing to believe–wants to believe? Will they follow up on the presumed-metallic object they saw in the Money Pit on the Season Finale? According to Rick, yes. But, none of them seemed eager to declare it necessarily a metallic object or even something man-made. Hard to blame them considering the 10X dive results.

And, Season Four? Well, no official announcement … but we, like many fans, no doubt, are hoping. So, stay tuned.

What did fans think? Should there be a new season? Were your questions answered? Let us know in the comment section below!

THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND airs on History Channel.

Image:  History Channel via Facebook

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13 thoughts on “THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND ‘Drilling Down’ Recap: Lagina Brothers & Team Discuss Season Finale; Will There Be a Season 4?

  1. Could it be? Could there be, no more episodes of the curse of oak island. Of course no treasure could ever be found because one more had to die first.

  2. I want them to find something from our past. Although I don’t have much, I would even be willing to send a donation to the Lagina brothers to help fund their efforts. I wish they would allow the public and especially their fans to do so. I can’t do what they are doing. I don’t have the ability, expertise, etc. I wish I could. The only way I can say “I helped be a part of making history” would be by funding the Lagina brothers and then watch them dig up a piece of that history. So what do you say, Lagina Brothers, want to let us in on being a part of history? Telll us how to donate and remember to put us on a list of supporters who made the discovery possible and place the list where all the other historic find are kept on the island.

    • There is something there, but not the treasure most marks believe. It’s a potful of money for Prometheus, Kevin Burns, and the actors on Oak Island. This is the gold the real gold mine. And it will be stretched out as long as possible to maximize revenue.

  3. Kevin Burns and Prometheus will bring an end to the series by having Giorgio Tsoukalos show up at the War Room and tell everyone there was treasure on the island, but ancient aliens took it away.

  4. There’s a money pit on Oak Island, alright. But it isn’t in the ground and it doesn’t contain treasure. And is isn’t just the tsunami of cash flowing into Prometheus, Kevin Burns, and the so-called hunters.

    If you notice the end credits, you’ll see the province is also involved. The place is a tourist Mecca. And with tourists comes economic impact. Money spent in businesses…AND sales tax.

    This is a win-win deal for everyone involved, except the viewers who are essentially the patsies in the whole scam.

  5. i believe because of the sudden death of Drake Tester the show will no longer continue. My deepest condolences for your loss. I, myself find it split interesting and slow, I also read the article as a young boy, For alll it is worth you should continue in the memorie of an adventurous young man . thank you for your time ( and they are 2 islands)

    • The only people speculating on the cancellation of the program are bloggers, some of who even claim he was a victim of the “curse.” Fact is, he had suffered from brain seizures from the time he was a child.

      Drake Tester died in March. The production company begins its filming in early May. If that had been suspended , the media would have reported it. By now, the film is at least in the editing process, if not in the can.

  6. The fact is, the whole purpose of this show is to make money for Prometheus, Kevin Burns, the Laginas, the Province of Nova Scotia, and all the businesses around it. There is no treasure. If any were to be discovered, it would be revealed long before the shows were aired. Ever show is nothing more than an ad for Oak Isladn Tours, which is owned by the Laginas, and makes a bundle.

    Think about it: the shows are filmed from May to July. They are aired 6-8 months later. Everyone knows nothing has been discovered. Same old, same old.

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