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DIESEL BROTHERS Season Finale Video Preview: Will Heavy D & Diesel Dave Repeat Success at SEMA Tonight?

It has been a season of excitement and learning for many fans of Discovery Channel hit series DIESEL BROTHERS, which has brought diesel power to the Motor Monday masses with fun and style. Tonight, the season wraps up with the big show: SEMA.

Heavy D and Diesel Dave are the masterminds behind DieselSellerz.com, which focuses on what many consider to be the underserved diesel consumer. Many viewers out there may not have ever owned a diesel vehicle, or known much about them, until DIESEL BROTHERS. Now, with the newfound knowledge of diesel power, the thought is no doubt crossing some viewers’ minds for the first time, “Maybe I’ll go diesel next time.”

Many DIESEL BROTHERS viewers were intrigued by the possibility of winning a free truck. For those who want to know more about the company’s promotional giveaways, please visit the DieselSellerz.com website.

Tonight, on the Season Finale of DIESEL BROTHERS, “Busting At The SEMA,” according to Discovery Channel:

Last year the Dieselsellerz put their insane builds on the map when they debuted their legendary MegaRam at the SEMA trade show in Vegas. With less than two weeks to go, it’s all hands on deck to finish a 6-wheel drive F550 in time for the big show.

And, starting the Motor Monday night, the Series Premiere of “Street Outlaws: New Orleans.” According to Discovery Channel:

“New Kye On The Block”: Champion street racer Kye Kelly hopes to organize the rag-tag New Orleans racers into a team. But will the small-tire racers agree to compete for spots on a top-five list? And big-tire racer David Bird Jones from Houston calls out Kye and his ’92 Camaro, adding a big showdown to a hectic race night.

It is going to be a full night of Motor Monday madness and fun, so stay tuned!

The Season Finale of DIESEL BROTHERS premieres on Discovery Channel Motor Monday tonight, February 22 at 9/8c, followed by the Series Premiere of “Street Outlaws: New Orleans” at 10/9c.

Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

Video:  Courtesy of Discovery Channel, Used with Permission

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