Zoey, Bill and Will Klein on "The Little Couple"

THE LITTLE COUPLE Sneak Peek: ‘Pie In The Face’ Game, Will Loves It But Does Zoey? (VIDEO)

THE LITTLE COUPLE is all new tonight on TLC, with an episode titled, “Mr. Mom”.

Am I safe in assuming you need no explanation of that term? Bill stays back home with Will and Zoey while Jen is on a three-day weekend business trip to San Diego.

Nice place to do business, right?

Jen’s got a whole heck of a lot going on tonight, as she has had for much of this latest season of THE LITTLE COUPLE. A couple of weeks ago we watched her give a speech in New Orleans.

Preview: watch Jen help young cancer patient with music therapy

That time she took the family including her parents, and introduced the kids to the magical city nicknamed the Big Easy. They saw sights, took a ride on the trolley and were introduced to beignets at world-famous Cafe Du Monde.

Tonight, a camera crew from the quiz show Jeopardy! comes to Houston to film Jen, and what a treat it is. She is to be a guest clue presenter in a future episode. Wonder what the category is that will include her in the clue? Remember, be certain your answer is in the form of a question.

When she goes off to San Diego, Bill’s got three days to keep up with his growing kids.

It’s something we’ve seen him do many times, and he tries to make it not just interesting, but inclusive. Last week it was mini-bowling, and in this episode its the Pie-in-the Face game.

What a cool contraption it is, as you’ll see from the sneak peek video posted below.

Who needs a whole pie when you’ve got an aerosol can of whipped cream to spray on a little piece of plastic shaped like a shovel. The way it works is to turn the handle five times, and if you don’t get hit in the face, then you’ve won.

Will and Zoey have diametrically opposite reactions to it. Will can’t get enough of the thing throwing a gob of cream on his nose, while Zoey just does that thing where she shakes her head and frowns.

Oh, she’s more than willing to eat the cream, but get it on her face? Not so much.

Catch the “Mr. Mom” episode of THE LITTLE COUPLE tonight on TLC beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT    Image/video credit: TLC, used with permission.

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