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SWAMP PEOPLE: Tonight the Edgar Family Heads Home but Cameras Continue to Roll

Tonight on History Channel, Troy Landry continues to struggle his way through gator hunting season on SWAMP PEOPLE. He called in the troops, but with 500 tags and bad hunting conditions, will it be enough to tag him out this season?

It looks like it is going to be a long–or, perhaps, way too short–season for a lot of the hunters this year. But, filling out gator tags is never a simple task; it always takes work and commitment. So, the fact that Troy Landry and his family are struggling with their 500 is no surprise.

Many factors go into a successful–or unsuccessful–hunting season. Weather, territory conditions, even just the dedication and experience of the hunters involved, each plays a role in how quickly–or if–a hunter tags out. Well, the Landrys have plenty of experience; their dedication is not in question; but sometimes things just don’t swing a hunter’s way. Is the fate of the Landry family tags really just up to luck at this point? We’ll see–but we’re betting Troy has a trick or two left up his sleeve.

But tonight, it sounds like Troy is just hoping to get back on an even keel with his count. According to History Channel, tonight on all-new episode, “Home Turf”:

Despite help from The Edgar family, The King of the Swamp, Troy Landry is still behind on his tag count. The Edgars have headed home and now Troy must dig deep to rally his troops if he hopes to tag out this season. Back on their home turf, Daniel, Joey and Dorian Edgar are ready to fill their boats with gators but unforeseen forces complicate their mission. And Glenn Guist is always right at home in the swamp, putting food on the table in surprising and “Guisty” ways.

More of the Edgars at home? Nothing against the Edgars, but instead of introducing fans to the gator hunting seasons of new cast members, wouldn’t this time have been better spent filming a gator hunter fans wanted back for this final season? Perhaps Gator Queen Liz and/or the Edwards team? Just a thought–but one we think fans would like to have addressed. We’re kind of surprised to see that Glenn Guist is back–but glad. Looking forward to more of those “Guisty” ways tonight.

SWAMP PEOPLE is produced for History Channel by Original Media, where Glenda Hersh, Steven Weinstock and Brian Catalina are executive producers. Stephen Mintz is executive producer for History Channel.

SWAMP PEOPLE airs on History Channel on Monday nights at 9/8c.

Image:  History Channel via Facebook

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14 thoughts on “SWAMP PEOPLE: Tonight the Edgar Family Heads Home but Cameras Continue to Roll

  1. Ok Swamp people
    I need to see more of the Edgars. Dorian is doing a good job shooting those gators this season. If he listen to Papa he will be excellent cause Mr. Daniel is smarter, wiser. stronger( even though Dorian has muscles) I loveee to see these Creole men in action. Willie also is one of my favorites cause even though he is a small man he handles does gators well. I like to see how the Edgars and Landrys help each other. I look at this show over and over on demand channel. Daniel is the best cause he has experience. Troy does too. Can’t wait till next season.

  2. Dwaine is new to the show. He’s another fine Creole man! But there’s one thing I need to say to him. Look, Listen and learn from PaPa. He’s wise and ALWAYS RIGHT. He’s 60+yrs and full of wisdom. Love my Daniel Edgars. Love his children! Fine specimen of men!

  3. I think Willie is a small man but very strong. Enjoy watching him handle those gators. I Loveeee this show! Love Daniel and sons, Willie and Troy and his family. I will stop watching if y’all get rid of these three. Look forward to seeing them. Especially PaPa.

  4. Troy sons and Daniel sons: enjoy the memories and bonding with ur dads. They been doing this for a long time
    They love you and want you to be the best just like they are. Take the criticism and learn from it! Family first. Family bonding as well as learning to shoot them gators is important. Look, Listen and Learn. Y’all are doing Great.

  5. Looking at my favorite show “Swamp people”. I love Daniel, but papa please try not to critque everything Dewayne do. You have done a good job raising this man. Let him learn if he make mistakes but have faith that you have taught him well enough to do right. I love Mr. Daniel and Troy. They are wise but please gentlemen let your sons learn that everyone make mistakes and even if it costs you long as you all leave the waters in one piece you live to see another day and try again. And I have to say: Dwayne is just like his dad. Lol. Its a good thing.

  6. Ok now sons. This one is 4 U. Your dads are wiser, older and more experienced. Try not to get upset if they trying to teach you. Just say yes sir and learn. LISTEN!!!!

  7. I like what I’m seeing. Dwayne is doing just what I commented on earlier. Just say yes sir and listen. Even if you have already learned the lesson let papa have his enjoyment of teaching you to be perfect like him. Family first. Love y’all.

  8. I get so excited watching these brave men and Liz shoot these gators. I want to move to Louisana and join the action. This is my favorite show.. Love all of them. I pray that they all make it home safe. Man/woman against beast. I love them. Real troopers. Been watching 4 hrs can’t go bed till I see last episode. Thanks history channel for this show.

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