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GOLD RUSH Season Finale Recap: Did Todd Hoffman Finally Beat Parker Schnabel in the Season Gold Count Total?

UPDATED with news and sneak peek of “Parker’s Trail”, starting Friday night March 31

Last night on Discovery Channel, the latest season of GOLD RUSH closed out the tills for the year, and the rivalry between Todd Hoffman and Parker Schnabel was finally put to rest–at least, for now. So, who won?

Season after season, Todd Hoffman has struggled to just come close to meeting his gold goal; beating Parker has never been in the cards. However, this season, it was looking like Team Hoffman might actually do it, might, as Todd always says, beat “the kid.” But, alas: It was not to be. 

Still, we have to admit: We could not help but be impressed with Team Hoffman this season. They have come a heck of a long way over the years. Who ever would have guessed that when GOLD RUSH started years ago–as “Gold Rush: Alaska,” in fact–Todd and team would be pulling down millions on a season? But, that is exactly what happened this season. Team Hoffman not only met their goal of 2,700 ounces, but they flew right past it, landing at a solid 3,032 ounces–more than all of their previous seasons combined! Team Parker ended up with an impressive 3,362, making them the winners for the season. But, hey you cannot really call Team Hoffman “losers,” not with that haul for the season, right?

At least, we can’t.

And, as for Tony Beets and the dredge patrol? He did not get the dredge paid for in a single season as he had hoped, producing only 737 ounces–163 ounces short. But, he seemed happy with his accomplishments (Minnie, of course, less so). According to Tony, the profit margin he makes on the dredge–i.e. what he actually gets to keep–is much higher than with other forms of mining, because the costs of running it are so much lower. Tony and dredge boss Gene Cheeseman indicated, in fact, that his profits could be expected to be 50-60%, as compared to most miners’ 10-20% profit margins. So, unless Minnie closes the ATM, we expect he’ll have a second dredge up and running as soon as he possibly can.

So, is Todd heading back to Oregon?

It appeared so, as he drove away from the claim for presumably the final time last night.

Is he making a mistake?

Well, hey, sometimes you just gotta roll the dice and take a chance. And, the Klondike isn’t going anywhere, if Todd and his team ever want to return, right?

So, congratulations to all of the teams, who appear to have each given it their all and came out winners in the Klondike in their own way; we look forward to catching up with them next season, wherever they may be sluicing.

Stay tuned.

GOLD RUSH airs on Discovery Channel.

Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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4 thoughts on “GOLD RUSH Season Finale Recap: Did Todd Hoffman Finally Beat Parker Schnabel in the Season Gold Count Total?

  1. Who cares about totals, what is the “NET” from the season. After equipment, labor, fuel, parts, … etc. “WHO MADE MORE NET” at the end.

  2. I seriously hope that Hoffman’s fall off the face of the Earth. So sick of him and his Dad. Wonder how much Jack & Todd stick in their pockets since they pretty much ALWAYS clean up on their own. Parker has everyone around to help him and do all cleanups. But its funny how Todd & Jack always have the better everything being “so broke”. Plus, Praying to God for Gold. Makes me sick Blasphemy is what it is!

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