Corbin Bleu, "Say Yes to the Dress"

SAY YES TO THE DRESS Preview: Corbin Bleu Fears Jinxing Wedding By Seeing the Dress (VIDEO)

SAY YES TO THE DRESS welcomes “High School Musical” star Corbin Bleu and his fiancee Sash to Kleinfeld Bridals in New York.

Randy Fenoli is there to fuss, as he should over the bride-to-be and find the perfect dress for her.

There’s just one tiny problem, Corbin Bleu is sitting on the chairs alongside the rest of the bride’s entourage while she’s in the dressing room.

Before he can get up to leave he hears her coming into the showroom and braces for what he’s about to see.

In the preview video clip posted below, watch as he melts while staring at Sasha in a gorgeous gown by Mark Zunino. She looks stunning and the $7,800 gown is both elegant and daring.

You don’t have to be a fan of SAY YES TO THE DRESS to know that on the Atlanta edition of the show, Lori Allen would be having a fit about the groom being part of the fun.

She relents for a bit only when she gets pressure from someone in the entourage, but after a short time, particularly if the groom has opinions that are making the bride a bit crazy, she’ll order him out, never to return.

At Kleinfeld, it’s a bit different. Randy is no Lori and Corbin Bleu is no pushy groom, so he lets it play out. The guy couldn’t be sweeter and polices himself, taking himself out of the picture to avoid jinxing the proceedings.

It’s not like Corbin Bleu isn’t already dreamy looking, but somehow he looks even more so, when looking at his fiancee.

Who wouldn’t want their husband-to-be to say the things he does to Sasha, right?

TLC airs new episodes of SAY YES TO THE DRESS Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: TLC, used with permission 

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