Sean, a 700 lb. man seeks help on "My 600 Lb. Life

MY 600 LB LIFE Preview Sean’s Story: Skin Can’t Stretch Far Enough for 700 Lb. Man (VIDEO)

UPDATED: Sean’s story on “Where Are They Now?”

MY 600 LB LIFE is once again about a 700 lb. person, and this week it’s a 26 year-old man named Sean. He can’t walk more than a few steps and is bedridden. It’s gotten more and more difficult for his aging mother and a helper to roll him on his side to keep him clean. There is a video clip posted below, but it comes with a WARNING because the images may disturb you.

Sean’s mom is a big woman, but nowhere near his size, and has no choice but to care for her son. To wash him, she gets help from a younger person and they have to wait for Sean to get the energy to attempt to turn himself from one side to the other. Once he has accomplished that task, his body begins to shake from the effort and his caregivers have to strain to keep him from rolling back as they clean him.

It’s not new for patients on MY 600 LB LIFE to moan in pain from trying to move their massive bodies, even if they are small movements.What makes it even more difficult than what you’d expect, is a massive growth of skin protruding from the left side of his body at waist level.

To sanitize his body, one person must not only keep pushing against him to keep him on his side, but help the other person lift the growth so that a washcloth with soap and water can get into the extremely large folds of skin. That skin is now tearing from the pressure of stretch over the enormous body of Sean’s. That only adds to the danger of infection and, of course the pain he lives with.

You can see that daily effort of bathing Sean in the video preview clip posted below. 

As we know, the only person who will even consider Sean’s request for gastric bypass surgery is Dr. Younan Nowzaradan in Houston, Texas. His photo is posted above.  Even he has limits on how big a person can be to qualify for the surgical procedure. In the case of Sean and his mother, Dr. Now sizes up the situation and understands that the young man’s mother must radically change her own life to be able to help her son.

TLC airs MY 600 LB LIFE Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT     Image and video credit: TLC, used with permission 

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7 thoughts on “MY 600 LB LIFE Preview Sean’s Story: Skin Can’t Stretch Far Enough for 700 Lb. Man (VIDEO)

  1. Sean is another immature, sheet-swaddled, bed-toilet bound tyrant child-man, isolated with his worn down mother, who weighed in at 919 pounds on his first visit with Dr. N. The Doc sent him home (with his momma,) with diet instructions to lose 100 pounds in 2 months to show his ability to comply. Sean whined and cried constantly, about everything. Momma did all she could to soothe his tantrums – using food. He complained that the diet was not enough food for him, so momma supplemented it with greasy fast food to lubricate the situation – and perhaps get a moment’s peace for herself. Unsurprisingly, Sean returned to Dr. N in two months weighing even more — about 1000 pounds. Dr. N remarked that Sean might be the heaviest person alive at that time. Sean whined that he just wanted to go home to his king size bed, the main feature of the home’s living area, because everything was just too hard. Momma stroked his head and cleaned up the “accident” he had while sitting in the 4 foot wide wheel chair. That is where I lost all hope, and interest. I wish this show would go back to more real-life situations, instead of the extreme freak show it has become.

      • You have to help yourself before others can help you just started watching there been a couple of people who didn’t give it there all I couldn’t imagine how difficult it must be but there giving all this help and want help there selves and I’d do anything for my children nut uv been told I’m a tough love mother,and guess I am I’m a bit over weight not much but was bigger qhen I was younger ota,hard kids are cruel and you don’t feel good about yourself and I will be the first to admit I was,a spoiled child my mother let me,eat with my children I didn’t and my daughter I had to really watch her

  2. Show someone who truly wants to save their life. To listen to this 1019lb whine is incomprehensible!! He whines that he is hungry, so his Mom stuffs his face! Get her help before she kills her son. I would not have the patience Dr Now has, but then again I would never stuff my child till he literally exploded. This life saving surgery should be given to those who actually want to change their lives. I believe Sean will be back where he was with his mom’s “love”.

  3. This fat freak pounds his meat and his mother not only has to shovel the tons of shit out of his ass crack but clean up his semen stained bedsheets he constantly whines for food and soda pop all while beating himself off while watching porn on his phone I only lasted two days as this filthy pigs caregiver/washer and others i know say the constant masterbation and whining are the worst they have all experienced as caregivers to the morbidly obese

  4. Look, OK Sean was a whiny fat thing, but he’s losing now and let’s give him some credit and his mom too for trying to help. Dr. Now was really awful to his Mother accusing her of Munchausen by Proxy which is a SERIOUS accusation. Women (or men) go to prison for that. Sure, call her out for being co-dependent with her son, but leave the other stuff alone. As somebody who’s worked in the medical field and been around a lot of doctors, I’ve seen all kinds of parents and the ways in which doctors treat them. In most cases they didn’t warrant any kind of defensiveness. Doctors are paid plenty. If they can’t deal with a stressed or worried parent and resort to trashing them, they shouldn’t be practicing medicine.

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