Jeremy Wade. RIVER MONSTERS, Animal Planet.

RIVER MONSTERS Returning to Animal Planet with Season 8 in April but with a Fresh Twist!

Fans of Jeremy Wade and RIVER MONSTERS, Animal Planet’s top-rated show, will be excited with the return of the show on April 7. But, this season, Jeremy will be wading into uncharted territory for this freshwater biologist and underwater detective: oceans.

As Jeremy submerges his work into the vast oceans of the world, RIVER MONSTERS returns to Animal planet for an eighth season, which the network indicates will be devoted entirely to the legends and myths of beasts dwelling within the mysterious waters of the ocean. Jeremy will investigate creatures thought to be responsible for deadly attacks involving unsolved disappearances attributed to underwater predators.

The Season Eight Premiere will focus on the legend of the sea serpent, taking Jeremy from the English Channel to Thailand and France. Investigations this season will take him to various exotic locations, including Peru, Australia, Mexico and the Bahamas. Jeremy commented on his venturing into new waters:

It’s been 30 years since I caught my first river monster and in that moment, my interest in underwater creatures became an obsession. This season, I’m completely out of my comfort zone and not only relying on my expertise, but also my wildest imagination as I investigate unworldly accounts of myths and legends that inhabit our oceans. Needless to say, I’m eager to jump into the briny deep and come face to face with an entirely new set of aquatic monsters that I’ve never encountered before.

And, following the Season Premiere, fans should stay tuned for a sit-down between Jeremy and Animal Planet executive producer Lisa Lucas. In this interview, Lucas gets personal insight into the man behind RIVER MONSTERS, a look rarely seen by viewers. The aftershow will feature exclusive content; a peek into Jeremy’s life at home in England; and behind-the-scenes stories from Animal Planet’s #1 series.

RIVER MONSTERS is a co-production of Icon Films and Animal Planet. Harry Marshall, Laura Marshall and Nicholas White are the executive producers for Icon Films, and Andie Clare is the series producer. For Animal Planet, Lisa Lucas is the executive producer, and Patrick Keegan is the producer. RIVER MONSTERS was developed and created by Animal Planet’s Charlie Foley.

RIVER MONSTERS returns to Animal Planet for Season Eight on Thursday, April 7 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Image:  Courtesy of Animal Planet, Used with Permission

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