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BETTER CALL SAUL ‘Bali Ha’i’ Recap: Kim, Jimmy And a Moscow Mule

BETTER CALL SAUL presented “Bali Ha’i” and you could see Kim Wexler wondering why she lectured Jimmy about the benefits of going straight. Looks like Chuck McGill pushed the right buttons with Howard Hamlin because Kim is out of the dungeon and in a real office with a door. Hamlin, who defers to Chuck, what with the legal fees bonanza he brought in with the Sandpiper nursing home case, didn’t care for what he felt forced to do, and it showed.

He dealt with it the way you’d expect a name partner in a law firm to do, with someone who he believes owes him her career. Oh yes, we found out the back story on Kim’s loyalty to Howard. She was in the mailroom, like Jimmy, and he plucked her out, paid her tuition to law school and she’s repaying him with each paycheck. He refused to speak with her other than to order her to accompany him to a meeting with the new bank client and then sent his secretary to spoil her lunchtime plans with a project that didn’t need immediate attention, except to annoy her.

Kim’s been missing Jimmy, but had yet to yield to his regular voicemail apologies that took the form of a daily rendition of the songs from the play “South Pacific”. But, when she suffered her final indignity at the hands of Hamlin, she longed for being a bad girl again in the form of Giselle, the name she took to work the caper with Jimmy. She’d already been offered a position at Sandpiper’s law firm by a senior partner who sized up her situation and quickly.

She was tempted, but said no to both the offer and his attempt to buy her a Moscow Mule during a workday lunch. The location for this pitch was the bar where she and Jimmy had pulled their Giselle and Viktor caper on an unsuspecting victim. After Hamlin’s final attempt at punishment sent her into a tizzy, she returned to the bar, ordered one of their signature cocktails, and called Jimmy to come by and pull off another scam. She was in the mood to break bad and they worked hand-in-glove as always. They returned to their love making and both seemed happy to be back with each other.

Jimmy’s still miserable at the law firm, and it’s bled into him being unable to deal with the toys they gave him. He can’t sleep at the apartment, returning to his backroom at the nail parlor to get some shuteye. He hates the luxury car that has a cup holder that won’t accommodate the size of his travel mug, so he took a crowbar to it. Giddy after Kim’s return and her invitation to scam someone at the bar, he’s holding it together, but barely.

In Mike Ehrmantraut’s part of last night’s BETTER CALL SAUL, he dealt with Hector Salamanca sending goons to threaten his granddaughter and him, to induce him to take $5,000 to cop to the gun charge that will bring down nephew Tuco’s sentence. He held strong, outwitted the dunces he sent, even when he saw The Cousins in all their glory. Instead he bargained for $50,000 and got it, staring down Hector with The Cousins nearby.

To demonstrate that he’s the upstanding guy he believes he is, he split the dough with Nacho, because his job hadn’t been done correctly. Tuco wasn’t killed and he’ll be out of prison sooner rather than later if Mike cops a plea.

Will he actually do the time? He will protect his granddaughter with everything he’s got, but take a five-year sentence to get on the good side of Hector and his gang?

AMC airs BETTER CALL SAUL Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT.   Image credit: AMC, used with permission.

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