Dan Dotson, Brandon Sheets and Ivy Calvin on "Storage Wars"

STORAGE WARS Returns and Mary Padian Gets Teased by Ivy’s Son

Mary Padian got called out for her goofy humor on the season nine premiere of STORAGE WARS. The show returned last night with all new storage unit auctions in interesting locations around Southern California, near the Mexico border and in the Mojave Desert.

Along for the long ride to the border were Ivy, the Sheets men, Mary, and the Nezhodas, with Casey acting as a Spanish-language interpreter for Dan and Laura Dotson. Dave Hester was absent, but appeared in the second of the back-to-back episodes, while Brandi and Jarrod were saved for next week’s episodes.

Who had the nerve to look at Mary and ask her, “How old are you?” in a sarcastic tone? That would be one of Ivy Calvin’s sons, Isaiah, who along with brother Ivy accompanied dad to demonstrate a bit of their bidding skills. During “Mexican Grand Off”, Ivy said his boys,

“…have to learn the business. More importantly, they have to load the room we buy today.”

Nice to have young and strong men to do the dirty work. Ivy was proud of them, and Mary learned that trying to make conversation and use those facial expressions and her weird voice wasn’t going to work.

After Ivy egged her on, by telling Isaiah to ask how Mary spells the word “cool”, she went into her schtick. After Isaiah looked at her like her hair was on fire and laughed while asking her “How old are you?”,  Mary’s response was “I’m just trying to fit in, guys.”

Darrell loved that Ivy brought his boys and suggested they do some fishing while in the area. Off they went after the auction and The Gambler made a big bet. Whoever caught the first fish got $500. Sure enough, Ivy won the money after catching a small leopard shark. He had the cojones to actually take it off the line and hold it up by the tail prior to throwing it back.

It was slim pickings at the auction, as the Sheets men left with $195 worth of old cookies from a locker they paid only $5.00 to buy. Rene and Casey made a profit of $440 after finding a tailgating cooler. Mary recovered from being dissed, by finding a classic GI Joe aircraft carrier set and earning a profit of $360.

A&E airs season 9 episodes of STORAGE WARS Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: A&E, used with permission 

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