Dave Hester on "Storage Wars"

‘Storage Wars’ Season 9: Dave Hester’s Officially Jumped The Shark

The Dave Hester “Storage Wars” act is so old, it’s surprising when cobwebs don’t fall off him as he bids to make others pay more for a locker. What’s worse is when you think someone’s turned the tables on him and he wins anyway.

We are in season nine of the show, so we’ve lived through Hester’s time away and then his return, but not until after he’d exposed “Storage Wars” as being less than reality TV. We are past the brawl he had with Dan and Laura Dotson, and the disgust of Brandi and Jarrod, which was alluded to in last night’s episode “Santa Ana Surprise”.

Jarrod said, in response to a question from Rene about Jarrod saying he didn’t want to be around Hester, that he’s willing to work with anyone where there’s money to be made. Dan added “Yeah, we’re past that.” That’s what he said, and of course we don’t know how the producers got these two men to make believe they don’t hate each other with a passion.

Here’s what makes the Hester act maddening; he can still get a rise out of you. The latest boast came during the drive to the auction. He admitted that online auctions are becoming all the rage, but, “Bidding people up online is so impersonal.”

Video clip of Brandi & Jarrod’s vodka surprise in Beverly Hills

In “Santa Ana Surprise” Hester’s plan to run up Mary, Jarrod and Brandi and the easily offended Rene Nezhoda began with the first locker. Here’s the good news, the others have learned to take him with a grain of salt. The first unit didn’t look promising with a few chairs, boxes, some big truck tires and something that looked like it was used in martial arts training.

Hester didn’t know what it was and decided it might be worth bidding, but always knowing that if he could make someone else pay a fortune for a loser he’d stick them with it. It looked like the others were on to him, particularly Brandi and Jarrod.

The bidding on the first locker went like this:

It started at $200, and the regulars went at it, as the price went to $700. It was then that Dave made it clear he was in it to make others pay. Brandi decided she and Jarrod didn’t need the unit bad enough not to stick it to Hester and they bid him up, to $1,025.

In a final bit of irony, Hester made a killing on it, finding software, including Rosetta Stone lessons, still in original packaging. When all was said and done, he turned a profit of $3,285. Don’t you hate when he succeeds despite his attitude and arrogance?

A&E airs new episodes of “Storage Wars” Tuesday nights beginning at 7 p.m ET/PT   Image/video credit: A&E, used with permission

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