‘Storage Wars’: Watch Brandi & Jarrod’s Vodka Surprise, Rene Nezhoda’s Peanuts (VIDEO)

We got new back-to-back episodes of “Storage Wars” on A&E last night, and the two shows had something in common. Rene Nezhoda was in attendance and in one he was accompanied by his dad Gunter. Have you seen him before? Gunter is as funny, if not funnier than his son, but with long, bushy hair and more of an accent.

In “High Scores in Arcadia”, Rene was high bidder on a locker that cost him only $375. As he and his dad were going through the merchandise, none of which was terribly noteworthy, they were at an estimated total of $545, until they found something that looked collectible.

It appeared to be a very old gum ball machine but the glass was broken. It looked valuable so they too it to an expert for evaluation. In the video clip below, watch as they discover what they found.

In the other episode, Hester was back as were Brandi and Jarrod, Mary Padian and Rene. Dave Hester’s presence on the show has become a major annoyance, even more when he wins big. He did just that in “Santa Ana Surprise” when he got stuck with what looked like a terrible locker, only to make thousands. Recap of that, here.

He wasn’t the only one to make big money in Santa Ana. Brandi and Jarrod bought a unit for $900 and thought they might have caught a loser until they found treasures. One of the fun items was a cocktail glass chiller, used both professionally and at home.

They took it to a guy who calls himself a “Vodkateur”, like a restaurateur, but for vodka. When they got to Nic’s in Beverly Hills, he showed them how it worked and valued it at just under $300. Once he said the word “vodka” the couple was intrigued and got to visit Nic’s personal vodka vault. Catch what happened in the video clip below:

A&E airs new episodes of “Storage Wars” Season 9, Tuesday nights beginning at 10 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: A&E TV, used with permission

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