Kristian Bush of Sugarland on "Say Yes To the Dress"

‘Say Yes To the Dress’: Kristian Bush Helps Pal Get Her ‘Forever Now’ at Kleinfeld (VIDEO)

“Say Yes To the Dress” welcomes Sugarland’s Kristian Bush to Kleinfeld’s Friday night May 13 on TLC. No, he’s not the groom-to-be, but he is going to support friend Evyn and her fiance a guitar tech who works for the singer-songwriter.

It’s a first for Bush, as he looks around the shop in wonder.”I’ve never been in a bridal store,” he admits. “This looks like the Disney of bridal stores.” I guess that means he’s overwhelmed with the dreams-come-true aspect for brides.

Kristian Bush is responsible for the new theme song we hear on “Say Yes To the Dress”. Yes, he wrote “Forever Now”, that plays in part during the show intro and of course, over the closing scene of someone’s wedding, outfitted in a dress from Kleinfeld.

Bride Evyn has simple instructions for Randy and the bridal consultant. No mermaid dresses and absolutely no ball gowns are on her menu, but lace and simplicity are. There is a summer wedding planned in Nashville at an outdoor venue.

In the sneak peek video clip posted below, Randy splits up the group into boys vs. girls. He takes Kristian and the groom to check out some dresses to bring to Evyn, while she and her mom are with Brianna, the bridal consultant at Kleinfeld. What’s the first pick off the rack? A short dress, with a beautiful lace overlay. Evyn is as surprised as her mom that she would even consider it.

Fans of the show have seen this before. There are brides who arrive with a list of styles they love or refuse to look at, only to be shocked that once they slip something over their head, it is a whole different story. Randy’s always ready with a knowing smile as if to say, “Honey, I’ve been doing this for decades, so don’t be so surprised I chose something you love!”.

Get ready to spend time in Manhattan and Kleinfeld’s when TLC airs “Say Yes To the Dress” with Kristian Bush, Friday night May 13 at 9 p.m. ET/PT    Image/video credit: TLC, used with permission 

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