Kendra Wilkinson, in "Kendra On Top"

‘Kendra On Top’ Video Preview: Goodbye to Grandma, Hello to Mommy Dearest

“Kendra On Top” moves past the lunch with Bridget and the visit from a psychic who removed pain from Kendra’s back by ridding her of bad thoughts brought on by Patti. In previous seasons of the show, Kendra was far removed from her immediate family, but that’s all in the past.

Her brother and she have reconciled while Kendra’s father is not only in her life, but staying with her while he and new wife Amy look for a home nearby. While a short visit was cool with Kendra, anything past a few days with Amy involved could prove too much. That’s where we are as “Kendra On Top” presents new back-to-back episodes.

In the first, titled “Girls Gone Amy”, not only does she have to deal with Amy when they are both in the house, but now she can’t get away from her when it’s time for best friends to hang out. Kendra’s patience is tested with Jessica when Amy is invited along on a girls’ night out.

In the video clip below, we learn that Amy wasn’t angling for an invitation. Jessica did it all on her own. What the heck was she thinking?

In the second episode of the night, “Parting Gifts”, there are a lot of tears and family sadness. Kendra meets Colin at their grandmother’s home and confides that she wants to reconcile with their mom. Really? She wants to mend fences with the woman she claims tried to “sell my tears”?

She won’t have to go very far to have that happen, since Patti lives next to Kendra’s grandmother’s home. While Kendra says a tearful goodbye to the place that held so many happy memories, her mom arrives home.  Can this end well?

WE tv airs “Kendra On Top” Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: WE tv, used with permission 

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