Mary Padian, Ivy Calvin in Palm Springs, CA on "Storage Wars"

‘Storage Wars’: Dave Hester and Mary Padian Team Up, Say What? (VIDEO)

UPDATED: New season 10, a new look, new auctioneer. 

Did you catch the “Storage Wars” episode from Palm Springs, “Auctions Arriba!”? If you did, something occurred that was so unlikely you might have bet the house against it. Yes, Mary Padian and David Hester agreed to do business together and there’s video to prove it.

It wasn’t at the auction, where they bid against each other. After everyone went back home to their stores and businesses, Mary decided she needed help after buying two lockers. Who ya’ gonna’ call? Dave Hester, that’s who.

While it seems strange, there’s been a Hester-Padian connection building since last season’s on-camera “Storage Wars” brawl between Dave, Dan and Laura. Do you recall how that began?

Padian used her left hand to indicate her interest in taking the price of a locker to $165 and Renee countered with $175. Mary’s left hand went up again, but only about waist-high and for some reason Dan Dotson didn’t see it. The unit was awarded to Renee for $165 and the trouble began.

It was Hester who kept at Dan to reopen the bidding to give Mary a chance. You can argue that Dave Hester didn’t care a lick about Mary, merely wanting to bait Dotson into an argument. He succeeded and punches were landed, with Laura getting shoved to the ground.

Since that time, Dave’s downright nice to Mary, which might not be saying much. Even when he is bidding against her, he isn’t vicious. He’s stepped aside at times when he knows Mary has her eye on a locker. In “Auctions Arriba!” Mary reaches out for help in disposing of the items she bought.

They agreed to split the profits and they even went to an expert to get a musical instrument appraised. Check out the video clip posted below and let us know what you think.

A&E airs new episodes of “Storage Wars” Tuesday nights beginning at 10 p.m. ET/PT   Image credit: A&E, used with permission 

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