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‘The Last Alaskans’: 20-Year-Old Charlie Jagow Begins Making His Own Way in the Refuge!

UPDATED: Trapping season emergency solved by Charlie Jagow!

The last few weeks, fans have been sending their prayers and well-wishes to Bob Harte from Discovery Channel’s “The Last Alaskans.” Last night, they met 20-year-old Charlie Jagow, another resident of the Alaska Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Charlie was apparently born in the refuge, and has an extensive background in living the bush lifestyle. His father arrived in the refuge and built a cabin in 1978, making him one of those few grandfathered in when the government stopped giving out permits. But, this is Charlie’s first attempt at making it in the refuge alone, and he appears to have the love for it in his makeup. Heimo Korth gave a good account of Charlie, indicating he was one of the few young people left who has the ability–and the desire–to keep going where the older generation is beginning to leave off.

Last night, Charlie was working on cutting a trail for a trapline of his own. Previously, he had worked off of his father’s trails. But, going forward, Charlie appears to be ready to establish his own mark in the refuge. And, as an interesting segue from old-to-new, as Charlie discussed his history in the bush and the refuge, he mentioned that Bob Harte was the one who taught his dad how to make the basic sets he now uses.

Life keeps going on in the refuge!

Charlie has his own plane–not bad for a 20-year-old–and used it last night for scouting good areas for a trapline trail. With the plane, he could check out the area before cutting the trail, theoretically getting it right the first time–a definite advantage of using a plane, no doubt. We look forward to seeing how he fares in the future, settling in, building a cabin and making a life of his own in the refuge.

Heimo was out hunting last night, trying to find a moose. It is a long winter in the refuge with no meat! He finally found one and starting sneaking up on it–not an easy thing to do with a camera crew in tow! He took a shot, however, and was on the mark at 300 yards; moose meat for the Korth soup pot–not to mention ribs, hamburger, whatever one needs to put on the table for next year! “You couldn’t get more organic than this,” Heimo commented as he started field dressing the moose, setting the heart and kidneys aside for a feast when he arrived home with the good news for Edna.

The Seldens were busy with their dogs, trying to find a new lead, and checking their trapline. But, with a female on the line in heat, and a couple of puppies in training along with them, things were a bit more chaotic than usual. But, good news for the Seldens: Both of the puppies, Goose and Smokey, showed promise as up-and-coming sled dogs.

And, the Lewises? Who knows; not a peep from them last night, unfortunately. We certainly hope to find out more next Tuesday, as next week is the Season Finale of “The Last Alaskans.” Stay tuned.

“The Last Alaskans” airs on Discovery Channel on Tuesday nights at 10/9c.

Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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13 thoughts on “‘The Last Alaskans’: 20-Year-Old Charlie Jagow Begins Making His Own Way in the Refuge!

  1. We hope Bob is going to be OK! He is one of our favorite people on the show. Thoughts and Prayers to Bob and his family!

  2. Is Charlie Jagow, perhaps related to or perhaps the son of Paul Jagow who had a cabin about 60 miles above the Arctic Circle in a canyon where the Campbell River joins the Porcupine River. I knew Paul by a nickname, “Puma.” The cabin was a log structure. The side wall logs were vertical and the wood stove pipe went through the middle of the roof.

    We worked together for a long time at Prudhoe Bay in 1976 and 1977.

  3. I love the show….I just found it a few weeks ago…I instantly fell in love with the cast!!…all of them!! I’m addicted ! I’m hoping they return for another season!

  4. Just watched reruns. Can’t wait for next season. Why can’t the show run all year round? I like this show. It’s real living. Thanks.

  5. yes it should run all year, love to see the cast in the summer months as well. prayers for Bob Harte and his family. and already love Charlie Jagow.

  6. My BF works with a man who went to school with Heimo in Appleton, WI. Said he always had heart for living somewhere like Alaska.

  7. Addicted to this show! I love it’s wonderful characters….. Heimo and Edna, Charlie Jagow….everyone! I hate it when the season ends!

  8. Have not seen Charlie on the show since he got his moose for the winter. After his sister’s visit. So, where is Charlie? It is great to watch this young man progress through his life’s plans in the Refuge. Proud of him. Love Edna and Heimo. Tyler and Ashley are hard at work to live their lives. Salmon for their dogs. Tyler is quite the hunter with the moose. It will be a celebration when their baby arrives. Good luck to the Lewis family whatever their journey. Love to Talicia and Nancy at the loss of Bob. My heart broke at his passing. I wonder if Ruger felt the loss, too. Where’s Charlie?

  9. I am hooked on the Last Alaskans as they have become part of my Family. Sincerely hope that this program will continue maybe all year. I watch episodes several times. I hope the Seldon’s had their baby and we get to see it. I cried when I heard the Bob Harte had passed. I hope some of his family will consider moving to the cabin. It is such a shame to have it empty.

  10. I am curious as to what caliber rifles are used by Heimo, Charlie, and Tyler on show. Heimo’s revolver looks to be 44 Magnum or possibly a 454.

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