‘House of Lies Season 5: Marty Is Out For Blood, After Skip and Monica’s Dirty Tricks (VIDEO)

If “House of Lies” has taught us one thing about Marty Kaan, it is that he doesn’t take losing well. In fact, it drives him to do more than win. He’s got to destroy whoever thought they could make him lose and that seems to be the plan in “Violent Agreement”. In the closing minutes of last week’s show, Ron Zobel gave the bad news to Marty that Monica’s company was chosen by Skip Galweather as his acquisition target.

When Marty wanted to spring into action to change Galweather’s mind, since the deal wasn’t signed, Zobel coldly informed him that it was a hopeless exercise to try. There wouldn’t be a company with fees large enough that would make a difference. That’s when Marty came up with the idea of being the business consultant to the Cuban government. RECAP posted below.  Preview the series finale.

But the jubilation about the Cuba deal turns to anger, then plans to destroy who stole the idea. First off, who is the perpetrator? Marty learns in the worst way possible. In the video clip below, watch as the gloating Skip Galweather sticks not one, but two daggers into Marty’s heart.

Next question is a no-brainer; how did Monica know in such great detail? That’s a question explored in the video clip posted below. Good old Doug Guggenheim has a guy who can back-trace a possible hack of Kaan & Associates’ computer network. Yes, there was security breach, which begs to be corrected, but not if you’re Marty Kaan. Here’s how he decided to proceed:

Is that the only way Monica discovered the brilliant Cuban strategy? No, it’s not and the only other person who was as plugged in on the deal as the team was Ron Zobel. The guy likes to back winners, and somehow he put his finger up to find the direction of the wind and decided it was blowing in Monica’s direction.

Since Showtime released sneak peeks of the final two episodes of “House of Lies”, you might have seen the team on its way to Cuba. That’s where we’ll rendezvous as the series concludes, but until then, have fun with the roller coaster ride that never ends at Kaan & Associates.


Ron Zobel’s office got trashed with glee by way of Marty’s golf clubs, and Ron was nowhere in sight after the devastating parking lot meeting with Galweather. But, it’s unclear if he switched sides, despite his last words on screen to Marty, grinding him for more equity in K&A to do what he promised.

Might the leak have been limited to Doug’s computer, opening some icky porn site? When the computer tech accused him he was shamed, but only momentarily, because, well, he’s Doug.  Clyde would never let him forget it but dear Clyde had his own shaming moment.

Seth, the LA mayoral candidate never expected to put Clyde in his inner circle as an advisor, because he is a newbie in the political world. Clyde was wounded and scurried back to the team who were ready to march on to Cuba.

As Skip had crushed Marty, Kaan returned the favor by getting five minutes of time with the Kohl brothers, the money men behind Galweather’s moves. The scene in their office after they had beaten each other up to settle some dispute, which we learn is how all arguments are settled in their family, was something like an old-school “House of Lies” move.

Galweather flew into the room, having been left out of the meeting and the brothers watched as Marty and Skip argued about who was the sleaziest guy in the world. The brothers didn’t care. Whoever got the Cuba deal locked down was who they would back.

In sneak peeks of next week’s show in Cuba, Monica looks like she’s still got some charm left where Marty’s concerned, which is a shame. The key dialogue of the night between Jeannie and Marty makes it clear that without a lightning strike, the couple can’t make their life together as a family with Phoebe, who by the way is in that cute, chubby baby phase.

Jeannie can see a future without a daily grind of a job and is ambivalent about it. She spent a day out of the office with Phoebe when the babysitter flaked. For the first few hours she was crazed, unable to concentrate on pleasure reading or anything not connected to what she was missing at work. She settled in a bit later, but it got her thinking about concrete plans.

She tried to alert Marty that he is underestimating how lost he might be after the sale of the company, if in fact he is the winner. He would have none of it and castigated Jeannie about putting doubts in his mind as he was on the way to ultimate deal.

She’s correct, of course, because Marty will go bonkers without another quest for greatness in the business world. Jeannie can see a future with her in Europe for long stretches, mucking up parental time arrangements. Marty won’t sweat it, but had to put an end to the talk about “What’s next?”.

Think his dad’s advice about him being more of an involved father to Phoebe than he was with Roscoe has him spooked? It all ends next Sunday and it just feels like it won’t be enough. Thoughts?

Showtime airs “House of Lies” Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: Showtime, used with permission 

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