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‘Dual Survival’ Returning to Discovery for New Season in June; Who Are the New Hosts?

UPDATED: Preview tonight’s Season Premiere here on TVRuckus!

Can Discovery Channel mega-hit series “Dual Survival” bounce back from the disaster that was last season? Fans will soon have the chance to find out with the return of the show to Wednesday nights on June 15. But, who will be taking on the new partnership challenge?

Well, it appears it is going to be a vastly different format from the glory days of Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury, or even Joe Teti and Matt Graham. Gone, it seems, are the weekly challenges for a set team of survivalists. Instead, according to Discovery Channel, there will be new change-ups and challenges this season, including variety in the survivalists featured week-to week.

According to Discovery Channel, the world’s toughest survival experts will forge new partnerships to take on some of the most challenging wilderness environments on this all-new season of “Dual Survival.” The series will feature brand new pairs of top-notch survivalists, from vastly different backgrounds, relying solely on the bare minimum of resources and tools. The pairs must draw upon their arsenal of skills to secure the key elements of wilderness survival: water, food, fire and shelter.

Returning to the series from last season is former U.S. Army Green Beret Weapons Sergeant Grady Powell, who tends to adopt a strong-willed and impetuous approach in order to overcome any obstacle. Having served overseas in Iraq and North Africa, Grady’s time in the army taught him that survival in any environment is less about skill and more about mindset; when in a survival situation, he refuses to accept defeat and pushes forward no matter what the price.

Grady is joined this season by new partner Josh James, an experienced outdoorsman from New Zealand’s South Island. Josh earned his moniker “The Kiwi Bushman” through decades of working as a professional trapper, hunter and whitewater rafting guide in some of the most unspoiled wilderness environments on the planet. Years of living off the grid, hunting and fishing to provide for his family, have taught the Bushman to adopt a patient, balanced approach to survival that frequently clashes with his partner’s more impulsive tactics.

Josh and Grady must draw on their unique skills and experiences to battle with some of the toughest wilderness environments on the planet, where everything that can go wrong does, and opposing mindsets present frequent–and often amusing–conflicts. Each honing his distinct survival skills, the pair devises extraordinary tools and strategies to demonstrate how to make it out alive.

But, Grady will then be joined by Air Force veteran Bo McGlone for a two-episode special, and the first time in “Dual Survival” history that two different branches of the military join forces. A former special operations combat airman, Bo comes from a long line of military men. After his discharge from the Air Force, Bo served as a military intelligence security contractor in Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa in some of the harshest possible conditions. In the frigid snow-capped peaks of Wyoming and in the sweltering slopes of Colombia, Army and Air Force must set aside generational differences and entrenched military rivalries in order to tackle some of the toughest terrains imaginable.

And, the change-ups don’t stop there. Also venturing into the wilderness this season are Discovery’s “Naked and Afraid” champions EJ Snyder and Jeff Zausch, who will tackle harsh obstacles in Moab, the Gulf Coast and Brazil’s Serro Do Mar mountain range.

Well, this certainly is not the “Dual Survival” of old. But, then again, it has not been that since the departure of Dave Canterbury–a mistake, in the opinions expressed by many viewers over the seasons. But, will this rehashed format take the show back to the top for viewers on Wednesday nights this summer?

Stay tuned.

“Dual Survival” is produced for Discovery Channel by Original Media, where Glenda Hersh and Steven Weinstock are executive producers, and Brian Nashel is executive producer and showrunner. For Discovery Channel, Mitchell Rosenbaum and John Slaughter are executive producers with Meagan Davies as producer.

The Season Premiere of “Dual Survival” is scheduled to air on Discovery Channel on Wednesday, June 15 at 9/8c.

Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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  1. The incompetence of the producers of this show rivals that of the mental giants who introduced the New Coke. Take a well-liked product and foul it up completely. The hypocrisy of getting rid of Dave due to a fudged resume, despite the fact that from the point of view of reality the whole show was fudged, is amazing. Firing Cody because he objected to putting his butt in a sling at the behest of the producers, just exacerbated everything. Now they’re stuck trying to find any way they can to save it.

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