My Giant Life on TLC, season 2

‘My Giant Life’ Season 2: Life Changes, Problems Continue in Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

“My Giant Life” returns for season 2 tonight on TLC and we have two new ladies to follow, both of whom stand at least six feet eight inches tall. Last season’s four cast members return, a year old and much wiser. Transitions in their lives have brought new situations to deal with, made more difficult because of their height.

If you are unfamiliar with the show, get ready to follow the stories of six women who stand above the crowd, and are seemingly too tall for the average-sized world. “My Giant Life” chronicles the challenges these women face, ranging from performing seemingly everyday tasks to being noticed for their extraordinary height. There is a heavy emphasis on their dating lives, which you can imagine might be difficult. Get a sample of the season in the video preview clip posted below.

What’s new with the familiar faces we know? Well, Colleen/CoCo relocated to Austin for a fresh start, hoping to leave her dating woes behind. When she meet Will, there is that delicate decision of whether to stick in the friend zone or move forward.

Haleigh may be facing the “I told you so” faces from her dad after she married her much shorter, 32-year-old boyfriend, Bryan.  Now, they’re experiencingt serious marital obstacles, and Haleigh is forced to choose between her husband and her family.

LA lady Lindsay is still pursuing a career in film and television and is willing to do whatever necessary to succeed…including plastic surgery. But will her destructive habits and a tumultuous past keep her from fulfilling her dreams?

Nancy is now a high school senior. Last season we watched her get a makeover for prom. This season, she can see the finish line and can’t wait to enter college where she will be able to play basketball and fit in a bit more.

Now, meet the newbies:

KATJA – New York, New York

Katja, standing at six feet eight inches tall, and her much shorter wife, Julie, five foot two, want to start a family. They have a lot of questions to answer: Who will carry the baby? Do they want the baby to be taller or shorter? And how will they decide on a sperm donor? When the stress of the decisions brings out the problems in their marriage they start to wonder if they are ready for this next chapter.

LEXIE – Phoenix, Arizona

Confident Lexie, who is six feet six inches tall, is getting married to a man stationed 2,500 miles away. Meanwhile everywhere she goes, men flirt with her. Will the distance be too much for them?

TLC airs new episodes of “My Giant Life” Season 2 Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT    Image/video credit: TLC, used with permission


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