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‘Dual Survival’ Season Premiere: Tonight Fans Meet Grady Powell’s New Partner, ‘Kiwi Bushman’ Josh James!

UPDATED August 3, 2016: “Dual Survival” continues tonight with second of a 2-episode all-military special, featuring Grady Powell & Bo McGlone! Get the preview here on TVRuckus!

Tonight on Discovery Channel, the new incarnation of hit survival series “Dual Survival” premieres. Fans are anxiously awaiting this premiere, looking forward to meeting the new face that will be joining former U.S. Army Green Beret Weapons Sergeant Grady Powell, who returns from last season.

Powell tends to adopt a strong-willed and impetuous approach in order to overcome any obstacle. Having served overseas in Iraq and North Africa, Grady’s time in the army taught him that survival in any environment is less about skill and more about mindset; when in a survival situation, he refuses to accept defeat and pushes forward no matter what the price.

Grady is joined this season by new partner Josh James, an experienced outdoorsman from New Zealand’s South Island. Josh earned his moniker “The Kiwi Bushman” through decades of working as a professional trapper, hunter and whitewater rafting guide in some of the most unspoiled wilderness environments on the planet. Years of living off the grid, hunting and fishing to provide for his family, have taught the Bushman to adopt a patient, balanced approach to survival that frequently clashes with his partner’s more impulsive tactics.

But, there will be additional challenges this season. Grady will also be joined by Air Force veteran Bo McGlone for a two-episode special – the first time in “Dual Survival” history that two different branches of the military join forces. A former special operations combat airman, Bo comes from a long line of military men. After his discharge from the Air Force, Bo served as a military intelligence security contractor in Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa in some of the harshest possible conditions. In the frigid snow-capped peaks of Wyoming and in the sweltering slopes of Colombia, Army and Air Force must set aside generational differences and entrenched military rivalries in order to tackle some of the toughest terrains imaginable.

Also venturing into the wilderness this season are Discovery’s “Naked and Afraid” champions EJ Snyder and Jeff Zausch, who will tackle harsh obstacles in Moab, the Gulf Coast and Brazil’s Serro Do Mar mountain range.

Tonight, according to Discovery Channel, on the Season Premiere of “Dual Survival”:

“Croatian Castaway”: Trapped in the jagged canyons of Croatia’s Velebit Mountain, new partners Grady and Josh must work together to navigate the frigid, fast-moving rapids, and descend treacherous waterfalls in order to find salvation in this remote landscape.

Stay tuned.

“Dual Survival” is produced for Discovery Channel by Original Media, where Glenda Hersh and Steven Weinstock are executive producers, and Brian Nashel is executive producer and showrunner. For Discovery Channel, Mitchell Rosenbaum and John Slaughter are executive producers with Meagan Davies as producer.

The Season Premiere of “Dual Survival” airs on Discovery Channel tonight, Wednesday, June 15 at 9/8c.

Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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7 thoughts on “‘Dual Survival’ Season Premiere: Tonight Fans Meet Grady Powell’s New Partner, ‘Kiwi Bushman’ Josh James!

  1. Still can’t beat joe and Matt. Why not bring back pink ponies and rainbows along with dave. I’m sorry, I just can’t get into these two guys….they bore the bell out of me. Although, kudos for getting rid of bill. Shoot send him(bill) over seas….we will win in less then 6months!

  2. It took the Discovery Channel a whike but I think they finally got it right. I really like these two guys. They both get a long and they have good personalities. Great job!

  3. I actually really like Grady. He is a lot like Joe but you don’t see the negative comments flowing in about him. The new guy is definitely better than Bill in my eyes too. It may just be a personality difference though so I can’t bad talk him at all since he seems to know what he’s doing.

  4. I was super bummed when Joe and Matt left the show, but Grady and James are just as awesome! In fact, i’m kind of crushing on Grady. I hope they stick around for future season episodes. Glad you got rid of Bill. He was not a good fit.

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