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‘The Last Ship’ Season 3 Premiere: ‘Are You Two Sleeping Together?’ Is THE Question (VIDEO)

“The Last Ship” made its long awaited season 3 debut with back-to-back episodes that reset the action in St. Louis and Asia, most particularly, Vietnam and Hong Kong. Dr. Scott’s fate was revealed almost immediately, and so was the new order of things among the crew of the USS Nathan James.

Tom Chandler is now Chief of Naval Operations, Mike Slattery has moved up to Commander of the Nathan James, with promotions for others including, the new XO Andrea Garnett. Kara Foster, is now Kara Green with new son Frankie, based in St. Louis near President Jeffrey Michener. The most intriguing additions to the cast are Bridget Regan as Sasha Cooper, a naval officer of a different sort and Dichen Lachman as Jesse, a hell-raising pilot based in Hong Kong. RECAP episode 5: How long before Sasha and Chandler get busy? 

For complete details on the first hour of the premiere, “The Scott Effect”, please refer to our recap, here. You’ll get the info on the virus’ movement in Asia, how Tom Chandler ended up in Hong Kong and what occurred in that horrible mass shooting at a nightclub in Vietnam that got crew members of the Nathan James killed or kidnapped, including all its top officers.

In hour two of the season premiere, titled “Rising Sun”, the major action centered on the aftermath of the nightclub incident, the downing of a helo carrying Val, Chandler’s decision to get off the helo that saved his life and who is behind it all. There’s also political intrigue thrown in for good measure, with grumbling about Michener’s legitimacy as president and his loyalty to the country.

We are to assume that China’s head-of-state is behind the virus spreading due to lack of distribution in countries he seeks to dominate. When the ambushes end, President Peng Wu tries to fool Michener into believing that Vietnam was behind it all, justifying his refusal to share the cure with them and his other “enemies” in South East Asia.

Sasha Cooper is shown to be someone who irritates the very rule-oriented Tom Chandler. She’s a bit of a ball-buster as well, but more importantly, there are smoldering looks between the two. Both their spouses are deceased and it is made clear that the love affair they shared prior to their respective marriages would be easy to resume. Chandler is resisting, but there’s a crack in the door, while Sasha is more aggressive about it.

If you thought she was a bad-ass with a firearm, she got put on a shelf when Jessie arrived on the scene. Not only does Jesse sleep in her skimpy underwear with a t-shirt, but she led the smuggling operations outside of China to spread the virus around, in contravention of President Peng’s orders. She can steal vehichles, pilot helos and knows her way around every weapon. Sasha was along for the ride on some of those missions before she turned into more of a diplomatic liasion. It’s unclear if she was planted there by the U.S. or China and if so, what the heck that means for the rest of the season.

Jesse was the one that asked the question in the title of this recap, “Are you two sleeping together?”. Jesse had Wolf, Sasha and Chandler in a helo getting ready to make an escape from Hong Kong after they all survived attempts to kill them. Tom and Sasha were picking at each other the way couples do about how to get where they need to be and whose opinion should matter more.

Here’s what I want to know from readers and fans of “The Last Ship”: are we going to be happy if they end up together? Both are free to find love again and for them, it would be resuming what they shared years prior, but it’s that Dr. Scott thing hanging over the whole thing.

Where are the others?

Burk and Danny Green got separated from the rest of the group at the nightclub and escaped, leaving Slattery, his XO, Master Chief, newbie Diaz (remember the Lost Boys from last season?) and a couple of others to languish in a jail cell, stripped to their underwear. One of them did not make it out of the club and another was losing blood rapidly as they asked for medical assistance for him. Their captors refused, then got him out of the cell to let him die. When the episode concluded they were draining his body of blood.

Danny and Burk found their way out of the ambush and a chase by the bad guys, all the way to a dock where they took a boat and decided to attempt a rendezvous with the Nathan James. Speaking of the ship, despite orders from St. Louis to get the heck out of the fray and wait for instructions, they went in search of their comrades.

Lt. Granderson got the right to say “I told you so” to the officer who Slattery left in charge when they all went ashore for this show of diplomatic unity at a club. She insisted that they call Slattery immediately when they couldn’t contact Chandler and Val on the plane that was to take them back to St. Louis. Had Granderson prevailed, Slattery and his people wouldn’t have been there for the nightclub ambush. She held her tongue, but her opinion will carry more weight the next time.

Burk and Green hoped someone would see flares they shot into the air and their prayers were answered as the Nathan James began to travel their way. Luckily Jesse got Chandler, Wolf and Sasha there first, because Burk was badly injured as they were pursued by what was left of the hit squad. Prior to getting in the boat they ambushed a group of eight men pursuing them, killing six, leaving a couple to give them any insight at all about what the heck happened.

From the helo, Wolf and Chandler destroyed the pursuers and from three corners of the map all were reunited on the Nathan James. Chandler’s back in charge and his mission, besides spreading the cure and thwarting Peng’s attempts at world domination is to find Slattery and the others.

Full recap of ep. 3, “Shanzhai”: Blood suckers, Tomahawk threats and the pirate king

TNT airs new episodes of “The Last Ship” Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT.   Image/video credit: TNT, used with permission 

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4 thoughts on “‘The Last Ship’ Season 3 Premiere: ‘Are You Two Sleeping Together?’ Is THE Question (VIDEO)

  1. Killing Rachel has ruined the show for me. She was the heart, and Chandler is the soul of the series. Now there is a big hole where the heart should be. Sasha could be a sex partner for Chandler, but his heart is Rachel’s–and so is ours. Big mistake on the part of the writers/producers.

  2. They killed Mason, i was hoping he would get his own storyline this season yet they killed him at the very beginning,,,, why are they killing the key players?!

    I dnt think rachel is dead, her boyfriend last seen in china and the focus this season being in china i believe is not a coincidence… I think shes trying to tone down her status so she could find her bf… My conspiracy!

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