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‘The Vanishing Women’: Tonight the Case of Tameka Lynch Is Brought Forward; Video Preview!

Many times, TV shows are just that: TV shows. They entertain us, which is their prime reason for existence. But, shows on Investigation Discovery often go on to help, as well as entertain, and that has been the case with recent addition to the ID Monday night lineup, “The Vanishing Women.”

On the surface, Chillicothe, Ohio is the epitome of quintessential Middle America. But this home in the heartland was catapulted into the national spotlight recently for a much darker claim to fame: a string of six young women have gone missing or been found dead in the past year and a half. The women, all in their 20s and 30s, are believed to have known each other and all have ties to the dark underbelly of this small town, leading the local community to fear a serial killer on the loose.

However, with unprecedented access, ID has teamed with law enforcement, loved ones of the victims, and the community to document the investigation as it unfolds on “The Vanishing Women” in an effort to bring further attention and help in solving these open cases. And, they are doing just that!

“The Vanishing Women” documents the past and present work of an active criminal investigation into these six still-open cases of missing women in Chillicothe, Ohio. And, according to the Chillicothe Police Department, the series has generated at least 10 new tips on the open cases since its premiere last week!

While each of the victims are believed to have known each other in some way, four of the six women have been found dead while two remain missing, leaving some members of the local community to fear a serial killer. Per families of the missing and deceased women, the series has been instrumental in rejuvenating the public’s interest in these cases. Tonight, according to ID, all-new episode “Dumping Ground” premieres:

After Tiffany Sayre’s body is found less than two miles from where Tameka Lynch’s body was discovered a year earlier, police and the citizens of Chillicothe wonder if this could be a serial killer’s dumping ground. Law enforcement moves quickly to search the area for clues that could explain the deaths or to help find the other missing women. Meanwhile, connections between Tiffany and Tameka become clear as family, friends and police revisit Tameka’s case. The shocking story of Tameka’s fall from grace illustrates a greater problem in Chillicothe.

Tameka Lynch, a 30-year-old mother of three, was last seen on East Second Street on the morning of May 19, 2014. Her body was discovered on June 29, 2014, on a sandbar in Paint Creek. There are questions surrounding the circumstances of her death and her case remains open.

“The Vanishing Women” airs on Investigation Discovery on Monday nights at 10/9c.

Image & Video:  Courtesy of Investigation Discovery, Used with Permission

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