Maneka and Mayur, in season 2 of "Arranged"

‘Arranged’ Season 2: Mayur Tells Maneka, ‘Change Your Name and Make Dinner’ (VIDEO)

Mayur and Maneka have managed to get past issues during this season 2 of “Arranged”, including making babies. Compromises have been made, some more difficult than others, including last week’s “negotiation” to get Mayur to set aside some social time for his wife.

During the episode “Where’s the Love?” we get a lot more of Mayur running his life, including his home life, as a business. He has short-term and long-term goals, that in his opinion, require total dedication to work. Eating dinner with his wife, going out for a date night were most surely not on the list of his priorities.

Last week he gave in just a bit and realized that part of being a good husband was to spend time with his wife when his eyes aren’t on his phone. Yet, as they sat in a restaurant he suggested they buy one to add to their empire. It would be the place they’d go on every date night. Yes, he really said that.

Tonight, meals are at issue again, but this time it’s the menu. In the video clip posted below, listen as he tells his wife that he doesn’t want any carbs for the rest of the week, ordering protein and salads, but he doesn’t stop there.

He moves to the touchy subject of Maneka changing her name for business purposes. Be very careful to have a vomit bucket nearby, as he lays down the law in that very detached and emotionless way he has that makes him sound like a tyrant. We know he’s not and can be moved to compromise, but his first attempt at getting his way is never with sweetness.

FYI airs new episodes of “Arranged” Season 2, Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: FYI, used with permission

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