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‘Alone’ Show on History Channel: Is a Clear Winner Emerging with Only Four Contestants Remaining?

Four survivalists remain on History Channel hit series “Alone.” Is anyone the “clear winner,” yet?

Last season, most viewers had probably pegged Alan Kay as the “clear winner” by this point. He was just living on Vancouver Island, it seemed, as opposed to trying to survive, like the other contestants. Sure, he was cold, and, let’s face it: Alan was 60 pounds lighter when he crossed that “Alone” finish line; he was not exactly having a full smorgasbord each day. But, as compared to the other competitors, he was doing great, at least getting some protein. Sam, the #2 competitor standing last season, on the other hand, was starving, just hoping to catch a mouse and losing focus from hunger. And, on Day 55, he tapped out, leaving Alan standing as the Season One winner.

And, overall, there had to have been very few viewers who were shocked by this outcome.

This season, however, no one really seems to have a clear path to victory. Nicole appears to have a great shot, although the fight she has begun having with the area’s seal population over food does seem to have perplexed her; she doesn’t seem to have a plan for food other than the gill net that has been rendered fairly useless, except for by the seals, who have discovered the array of fish caught in it daily. She will have to overcome her current food problem to have a shot. Jose is also a good contender, now that he has figured out how to fish successfully in his area.

On the other hand is Larry, who does little more than complain constantly; if negativity could be harnessed as a driving force (and who knows, maybe it can be), he would definitely be the “clear winner” at this point. Regardless, we know we’re not the only ones who have a hard time watching his seemingly endless rants from week to week! And, of course, David, who is still hanging in there, despite all odds. He has the will to win, if he can just stop sabotaging himself. This week, he managed to throw his heavy fishing line into the water during an attempt to catch crab, as well as fall in that same freezing water–and that was following his losing two fish during a fishing session, apparently to predators on the beach … if he can survive himself, he may just surprise a lot of people, including us.

Good luck to them all; who do you think will be the ultimate winner? Leave your opinions and thoughts in the comment section below!

History Channel’s “Alone” airs on Thursday nights at 9/8c.

Image:  Courtesy of History Channel, Used with Permission. Photo: David McIntyre. Photographer: Brendan Meadows. Copyright 2016.

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1 thought on “‘Alone’ Show on History Channel: Is a Clear Winner Emerging with Only Four Contestants Remaining?

  1. I didn’t think it was a good idea that Nicole released at least one salmon. She could have easily smoked it to be used later.

    I can’t see Jose tapping unless injured. He also seems strong on the “alone” aspect of things. He is my pick to go the distance, but it won’t be a cake walk Nicole is smart, skilled and one heck of a brave woman.

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