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‘Alone’ Show on History Channel: Winter’s Fury Descends on Final Four Tonight!

“Alone” is getting down to the nitty gritty on History Channel. Fans of the show will recall Season One, when the cold winds, rains and ice on Vancouver Island started pelting the final survivalists, making food even harder to get and, ultimately, being a big factor in the tap-out by second-place finisher, Sam.

Will Season Two contestants be any better prepared for the punishing cold, or will the four remaining be taken down by the weather?

If any of the four succumb to weather, we think Larry will be the first. He gets so worked up and over-the-top about what seem to be relatively minor issues, considering the situation and surroundings–his ongoing obsession with his mouse hatred just makes us shake our heads. So, it just seems likely that when something truly major, like the punishing weather of Vancouver Island, comes along, Larry won’t be able to come up with a plan to fend against it.

Then again, he could rally some of that mouse-anger against Mother Nature, and take his skills to the next level; Larry’s true skill level is a toss-up at this point.

David, also, seems like an obvious choice for a weather-related tap-out. He cannot seem to do anything without sabotaging his own efforts, so facing the rains, ice and plummeting temperatures of Vancouver Island, he just seems like a logical tap-out choice at this point.

Then again, David has seemed like a logical tap-out from the beginning, and somehow keeps digging deeper and hanging on, refusing to push that button. It would be a huge surprise if he were to actually hang on to the end, but it would be a great victory for him–and a fitting ending for a series such as this, where theoretically anything can happen when one is placed in such a survival situation, well, alone. 

The more logical contenders, Nicole and Jose? They have made the island work for them thus far, but it is all about to change, as “Winter’s Fury” lands tonight. According to History Channel:

Winter arrives and the final participants are forced to take risks as food sources dwindle.

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Who will have what it takes in the end? Better yet, will all four contestants still be standing when tonight’s episode ends?

Stay tuned.

“Alone” airs on History Channel on Thursday nights at 9/8c.

Image:  History Channel via Facebook

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  1. Last nights episode had a camera man in the background. He responded to a question about the rainbow shot! Has anyone said anything about it?

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