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‘Royal Pains’ Series Finale: All Roads Lead to Family And The Hamptons, Eventually

“Royal Pains” bade goodbye to television with its series finale “Uninterrupted” and after eight seasons of “Will he or won’t he?”, he did. Dr. Hank Lawson figured out what he really wanted and was brave enough to risk it all to get it. The show has always been about two brothers who were scarred by the death of their mother and their father’s abandonment, trying to give each other a sense of family even when it seemed hopeless.

As Evan and Henry, as his brother calls him progressed through the rocky first few years of living together in the Hamptons, building Hank Med, establishing relationships and a real business, the two learned how much they truly needed each other. Eddie, the father came and went, causing chaos time and again. At one point they switched feelings about it all, with Hank getting more accommodating towards Eddie and Evan more angry.

Ultimately, Eddie was less a factor when Evan found a woman to love, got married and truly earned his pay as the CFO of Hank Med. Hank remained single and a tenant of Boris at Shadow Pond, able to pick up and go at a moment’s notice. He did so frequently as Boris offered adventures and challenges around the world. Sometimes danger lurked, other times romance was in the air, but the relationship they built, as Boris noted in the finale, was more like family as time went on.

Hank Med’s core included Divya, the woman who was the glue for the organization and for the brothers. Along came Dr. Jeremiah Sacani to add intrigue and compassion and together with Evan’s wife Paige, the small unit of employees and friends became a small family. There’s that word again. Yet, Hank’s inability to find lasting love, or a love he could trust, remained an open wound.

Only this final season did he realize that all around him had settled down and found their true loves. Divya reunited with and married Raj. Evan and Paige were solid, even Eddie got married to a saint of a woman who he abandoned at the altar once, before he made it right.  When Jill returned earlier this season, there was a spark that reignited, but Hank needed courage to reach out and make it happen.

That finally came to be in the finale, after the Hank Med family unit, including Boris were ready to move on to other things. Jeremiah had his lab, Divya made it to medical school at Johns Hopkins, Boris, ever the man of mystery was “disappearing” to keep ahead of the Russian oligarchs who threatened him, and Evan’s new career as Hampton Heritage’s administrator ultimately won out over Hank Med CFO.

Hank needed a big change and was tempted to tag along again with Boris but declined. He realized that buying a home and “settling” down in the Hamptons wasn’t a cure for what ailed him, so off he went to go find Jill. This time he said the magic words and even overcame her concern over how they’d make it all work.

In a cute final scene, supposedly occurring three years in the future, Jill and Hank were back for their summer vacation to the Hamptons, and he finally put a ring on it, as Beyoncé recommends. Paige and Evan had twin boys and a Hank Med reunion was in full swing with Divya between semesters of med school and Jeremiah taking time from the lab.

We never saw Hank smile as much as he did in the finale and after that wedding/musical episode the week prior, it was an interesting way to conclude the show. In our recaps of the season’s episodes we opined that Jill was still there for the taking, and that longing look she gave Hank as she pulled away in the cab after the brief visit, was a telling sign. Thank goodness all was right in the universe as the series concluded on a happy note. It’s all about family and a sense of belonging, which aren’t unfamiliar themes in light TV dramas.

But, “Royal Pains” always made it look good, with the vivid colors and the sunlit days on the east end of Long Island. There wasn’t a lot of ground broken in the finale and one could say it was almost anti-climactic, except for the Jill reunion, and yet, it was satisfying. What did you think of the finale and did it meet your expectations?

Photo credit: NBCUniversal/ USA Network “Royal Pains”

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  1. Divya made it to med school at John Hopkins, NOT law school as the version of the story I am staring at right now says.

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