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‘Misfit Garage’ Season Premiere Recap: Did Thomas Seize Full Control of Fired Up Garage by Pushing Jordan Out?

UPDATED: Recap part 1 of the two-door ’55 Chevy build story!

Last night on the Season Premiere of “Misfit Garage,” fans were no doubt looking forward to finding out whether or not Fired Up Garage was able to finish Sue’s ‘56 Ford to her liking. However, Discovery Channel Motor Monday fans got an even bigger surprise in the conclusion of this cliffhanger than they could have imagined.

Yes, the Misfits finished Sue’s truck. It went right down to the wire, and even the Misfits themselves were beginning to doubt it could be done, especially after someone broke into their shop and stole the basic tools they needed to get the job completed! But, believe it or not, archnemesis Richard Rawlings came to their rescue, and gave them the tools they needed–yes, you heard that right, “Richard Rawlings” and “gave.” It didn’t appear he charged them a dime, which is unusual for Richard, to not try and make a dollar. But, he seemed to want to see them succeed, and letting them have the tools–let’s face it, Richard has an embarrassment of riches in that garage, and could spare them–gave them a fair, fighting chance. In the end, Richard isn’t a bad guy. Yeah, a little obsessed with himself, but not a bad guy; good move, Richard.

So, the guys got on the ball and, in the end, got the truck finished. It looked good (although we were not crazy about that two-toned wooden truck bed) and Sue seemed happy with it, which was the important thing. So, congratulations to the Fired Up guys; they got the job done.

On the other hand ….

What is wrong with Thomas? He seems to have grown into the idea that he is King of the Misfits, and is making big decisions without even consulting partners Tom and Jordan. We had noticed that he had been doing that more and more frequently last season and last night, he finally went over-the-top. For all of his clamoring about the shop being broke and close to going under, Thomas decided that their next move should be, literally, a new move. He began looking for a new shop, without even mentioning it to the other partners. When he found one, he invited the partners over to see it, plus a crew member, Kevin Clark. Then, in front of the Tom and Jordan, without even asking them, invited Kevin to be a partner. Bad move, Thomas, bad move.

“I’m done,” Jordan said, walking away.

It has been obvious that Jordan had been losing his enthusiasm for Fired Up Garage for a long time, now. And, apparently, this was the proverbial straw that pushed him to call it quits. We cannot say we blame him; what about you?

But, is that what Thomas was hoping would happen all along? Jordan was really the only one who ever gave Thomas any push-back. Tom pretty much just does as he is told, and Kevin, the newest partner, apparently, will likely be the same way, having no seniority with the now-trio. Has Thomas been forcing his way to the top–while keeping the financial input of the other two partners–all along?

We’d love to hear what fans thought about last night’s episode–and what they think the future of Fired Up Garage will be without Jordan! And, do you think Thomas crossed the line? Or, was it his goal to take control of Fired Up all along? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

“Misfit Garage” airs on Discovery Channel Motor Mondays at 9/8c.

Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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65 thoughts on “‘Misfit Garage’ Season Premiere Recap: Did Thomas Seize Full Control of Fired Up Garage by Pushing Jordan Out?

  1. Jordan is the brains of this garage. Thomas is to busy worrying about gas monkey and will not lift a finger to help. They are going down.

    • Here’s how I see it. First, it’s a matter of them getting a decent car to begin with. The second part is Klump, because HE does a great job with body and paint work. The rest of it anyone can do, they have enough people to do it, it’s just a matter of just getting the stuff to put into the car. They are pretty much doing resto mods. They aren’t making a custom from the ground up, they aren’t trying to get anything in a classic restoration tour/judging.

      They’ve been getting pre-built engines for most of their jobs from Jegs, or someone else, so they just do the finishing touches. And Klump’s been helping out more with the wrenching.

    • The problem with your show is Tom Smith was kind of funny at first at GMG. Keyword was kind of now you’re letting him run with it and whether it’s a skit or he’s an idiot you guys are ruining the show with him trying to be an actor instead of mechanic , he may be neither, just build a cool car and let it play out keep the drama on daytime TV

  2. I knew something was up when Jordan didn’t appear in the new opening credits. It’s a shame because he has real talent.

  3. Tom’s ego maybe Misfits downfall, it would be nice to see them give Gas Monkey good compitition. Losing a major talent will hurt, just have see what happens.

    • Richard Rawlings discussed the new building move first with his ace, Aaron. Tom skipped this step with his partners, showing poor management skills and Richard’s good skills in comparison

  4. Thomas screwed up he should have had a private meeting with Jordan and Tom beforehand not just announce it without prior approval of the partners. Thomas should step up tell Kevin to hold up and apologize to Jordan and Tom and then discuss the possibility of a new partner and/or entertain other ideas.

  5. Good riddance Jordan, there is a reason his fat lazy assss was fired from gas monkey, he is lazy, he does things that are unnecessary and he is just a mediocre mechanic.

    • Really when the other morons were honing the steering column who told them to take the bolts loose that the mount was like a muffler clamp simple fix Jordan’s way better mechanic

  6. I think Thomas was way out of line inviting a new partner with out first privately consulting his existing partners. It appeared that Jordan did 75% of the major work and received 33% of the profits, soon to be 25%. I think he was right to quit.

  7. yeah tom’s obsession with pulling up to the self-absorbed level of rawlings at all costs even at the hands of his CO-OWNERS investors, but reality tv isnt really reality so maybe behind the camera discovery really wants them to stay on for more drama with gasmonkey and could be pulling some financial strings behind the scenes?

  8. I can’t believe they just lost Jordan I like the show and how they seem to all have a good time and build kick ass rides but it seems like Jordan is a pretty big piece of the success of the shop guess we’ll find out how important he was

  9. Jordan was absolutely the main talent. Yeah Tom knows his stuff but Thomas is trying to be too much like Rawlings. Thomas needs to realize his mistake and beg Jordan to come back. I see nothing wrong with Kevin but he’s not gonna bring what Jordan did to the table. Hope they figure it all out!

  10. Jordan is to the Misfits what Aaron is to Gas Monkey. Even further Jordan and Tom have been a pair since the early Gas Monkey days. Jordan cant leave………..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  11. Tom most certainly overstepped his boundaries when you’re in a partnership you are supposed to discuss things with your partners before you make any decisions you’re not allowed to make decisions without your partner’s I thought. So yeah I think it was wrong and I think Jordan was a big part of that and I’m not sure if I want to watch it without him, but that’s me

  12. In a partnership all Partners should be consulted on big decisions like this. I don’t blame Jordon for walking out. I hope he opens his own shop with a new crew and gets a TV show himself.

  13. Jordan was a narcissistic douchebag, not a team player, not much of a business man. He needs his own shop narcissists like him don’t play well with others

  14. I thought jordan gave a lot to the show, and will miss seeing him there. Before this show Weeks had is own business, so I think he is the money guy.

  15. I’m done! Not watching anymore, not sure if there are doing this crap for drama but when you shaft people first soup bone then Jordan, the shows finished, Kevin couldn’t build a model car let alone a real one!

  16. I am totally shocked that Jordon left the show. Thomas should not have taken on another partner without discussing it with the other partners (Jordon & Tom). He also went out and found new digs for Fired Up Garage without discussing it with the other partners.

    I certainly hope Jordan returns as he was truly the talented one of the group.

  17. The whole point of the show was because tom and Jordan were starting their own garage because they were fired but it seems now Tomas and the executive producer Richard Rawlings wanted him out for some reason. No one in a buisness partnership would ever make a decision like adding a new partner and location without consulting one another. All planed that’s why they ended the season on that episode if that didn’t happen part two of sues truck would of aired the following week. All good ways to get viewers to stay interested and talking like we are.

  18. If Jordan was the “talent”, then they were doomed from the start. That lazy ass didn’t know what he was doing most of the time. To say he is = to Aaron at GM is laughable. What a tool, good riddance.

  19. Thomas crossed the line! Equal partner’s should not and cannot recruit other potential partners without consulting and having a unanimous agreement from all partner’s. Thomas should have discussed bringing Kevin in as a partner with Jordan and Tom before asking Kevin. Thomas is a loser!

  20. Two things to remember here are as follows;

    First, this is reality TV, which is not necessarily done to show reality. It’s meant to imply reality, but things are scripted and drama is added to keep it interesting and to get ratings. We’ll never know exactly what happened, but maybe Jordan, who now is pretty well of financially, had decided to leave, and this bit was added for dramatic purposes.

    Secondly, even though the Misfits are supposed to be equal partners, Richard Rawlings actually pulls the strings for the TV show, and Thomas was the main money guy. The show was actually becoming a bit boring, so maybe they decided on their own to do this to add interest. Jordan may have been thought to be expendable, and possibly the only one to make trouble in the future of things went a different way than he wanted, so maybe they forced him out.

    We’ll never know. The only thing we will know is that what we saw on TV most likely isn’t exactly what happened.

  21. Tom, Jordan and Tom make and made misfits garage…a good comedy team…Larry (Tom senior) Moe (Jordan) and little fat Tom (curly) …a real team and they are too stupid to recognize it…the show will die without either one of them…a 3 -stooges team..GOT IT! a TEAM that WORKS!

  22. Tom, Jordan and Tom make and made misfits garage…a good comedy team…Larry (Tom senior) Moe (Jordan) and little fat Tom (curly) …a real team and they are too stupid to recognize it…the show will die without either one of them…a 3 -stooges team..GOT IT! a TEAM that WORKS!

  23. I was wondering why I didn’t see Jordan in the opening credits. Tom is a dork and Thomas can’t pull his hat down because his head is too big! I’m done with this show. Jordan was the only one that was worth watching. I got tired of Richard Rawlings ego and stopped watching his show, now it’s time to stop watching Misfit too! Please Discovery Channel, give Jordan his own show so I’ll have something to watch!

  24. Jordan is a mediocre mechanic at best. The rest are idiots for the most part…the only ‘real’ part of that show is Sue. For what that’s worth. These guys couldn’t build a Lego house let alone a hot rod. The show makes money, so it will go on…..

  25. When are you people going to realize , it’s just a TV show, it’s not real, i’t’s all scripted. Jeez Just like ” Days of our lives”.

  26. Keep talking that’s what keeps the show going, Noboby asked THOMAS when they fired that kid. Jordan is a good mechanic but he does have lousy Attitude. I looked at his background impressive but look how young he is why is he not with those big race teams ? When you have a lot of talent and a bad attitude you had better work for yourself with no one to Anserw to !

  27. Thomas: you did not explain how a pro rebuild yielded a single bent rod. Also, carving up an engine mount to make header fit is nuts ! Why note ask outside pro to custom fit/modify that header ? Why order off shelf header for engine that was not stock fit ?

    Jordan was pissed before he got in truck. Is he the guy that also po’d Richard Monkey event ?

  28. Jordan was kindof a princess he acted like he was to good to work on cars that had alot of rust, i thought thats the whole point bringing back old hot rods and muscle cars, hell there not all going be stored in garages. Got take good with the bad. Just didnt see him as a team player, he called alit of shots with out talking with the other guys. They all seem to do what they want. Remember how jordan acted with sues truck, it was his money on the line, but since it wasnt his idea he didnt want nothing to do with it. So how is he such a great guy or team player.

  29. Misfit garage is getting ridiculous and almost predictable. I really thought that Jordan was the hardest worker and the one with the most sense. If Jordan doesn’t come back in a few episodes, I’m done watching it.

  30. This is not about rebuilding cars, it’s a nighttime soap opera.

    How did Sue’s Ford 3/4 ton lond get to a 1/2 ton short bed.

    Cutting a motor mount to make a header fit? How long before the motor mount melts.

    This show is not about 4 guys restoring cars, it’s Thomas Weeks “Buy & Flip Junk” show.

    Big Tom needs to be careful because it f Weeks makes a sharp turn, Big Tom will break his neck.

  31. Jordan was a cry baby and a mediocre mechanic Tom proved who the better mechanic was when he diagnosed the bent push rod. It’s not that hard if your a mechanic to take a crate motor and install it but to diagnose problems is what makes you a real mechanic

  32. Jorden will end up back on Fast and Loud followed by Big Tom. I think they lost a lot of viewers after they we’re fired and Misfit isn’t doing to well so I feel it is probably scripted. Give it a little time for things to shake out..

  33. Jordan has his own real shop in real life. He is a well known chassis builder. Misfits garage is the jersey shore version for automobile enthusiasts

  34. Done watching this show Jordan is a great talent Tom has a big mouth and as others stated Kevin couldn’t carry Jordans tool box would continue to watch if Jordan returned

  35. Bring Jordan back !!!
    Get rid of Kevin Clark he is the down fall of Misfit Garage.
    The original three guys is what made the show.

  36. Richard produces the show so there’s no surprises. Jordan knew Kevin was there quite a bit so it wasn’t a big deal asking him to be a partner. Jordan would rather a no name mechanic then on a nationally televised show associated with the Gas Monkey franchise? I don’t think so.

  37. Thomas’ name should be Dick, because thats what he is! What an a-hole stunt that was. A RIchard you never will be – DREAM ON!!Tom is a fat, lazy idiot and all the real work is farmed out! Anybody can build cars that way! Show is not worth watching anymore!!!! #gimmeabreak

  38. Granted Thomas should have consulted with the guys but he is the only one with any real business savvy. Bigger garage means more prospective work fur his people & more money fur everyone. I think both Jordan & Scott are asses for walking out. I guess they are too young to understand reality. Kudos to Thomas Weeks!

  39. Jordan was a bit negative but capable.Tom looks lazy and too fat.Never really see him getting really working hard.But Kevin does not have the experience worthy of a partnership.I believe there is more to this story.Love the show!

  40. If this was real 1 partner wouldn’t call a shot like that, the show was made up by Richard and discovery probably for Richards buddy tom with Jordan and tom thrown in to get peoples interest

  41. Wow! Well I haven’t seen the episode yet, but Jordan leaving sucks!! He helps keep a balance that the others don’t seem to have. I suppose they’ll shamble on without him. He is the relief on the show as far as I’m concerned. I have to say that if Tom Smith ever left the show it would not be a show I would watch anymore. He’s the best!

  42. Here’s how I see it.
    Jordan and Tom were decent guys that made Richard R a lot of money.
    They were given a Bum deal as Richard grew too fast and they had to be the work horses. So when they were starting their own Garage in the old shop, I was rooting for them.
    Tom was a mouth piece ised car salesman who’ll sell a lemon to his grandmother to make a buck.
    Scott left on his own when things got tough and he had a bit of a bad attitude. Let not forget that he destroyed their truck cab by dropping it on the freewat, and then he still complained about it. So his loss from the show wasnt anyone elses doing but his own.
    Now Jordan Butler on the other hand, is a whole different story. Jordan had to stay when Scott bailed out, and had to pull the whole work load. He’s who stuck in and made them successful. So when they were srarting to grow, they should have had a 3 way partnership abd continued to grow further. Except Tom had different ideas. He then hires this Dick named Kevin to basically help Jordan out, but instead of heloing he has a bad attitude and direspects Jordan all the time, he has a mouth and should have been let go after the project was completed. All the while Tom in his head is trying to grow before consulting the partners. He takes a jerk he hired that has bad blood with his#1, partner Jordan and the backbone of the business, and he stabs him in the back. Tom then decides to grow the shop, all this without even taking his “Partners”, to a luncheon to discuss it. Tom then wonders why Jordan bails out.. Who wouldnt?
    If I was Jordan I would have fired Kevin and Tom and got another two bit saleman to replace Tom. Maybe even would have knocked him one.
    Then to top it off after Tom stabs Jordan in the back, he then goes to his brother John Klump and then Jordan’s own brother double stabs Jordan in the back, just to edge in on his brothers good deal. Klump should have backed off so theyd have been forced to talk it over with his brother. Klump and Tom are a piece of Crap with no loyalty..
    It’s bad enough that Klump would over charge his own brother for a paint job, multiple times, but now he actually steps in and bends him over the coals and takes his position. Benedict Arnold? It’s because of this that I Will No Longer Watch the Show. I wont even watch the re runs. Bunch of horrible crap and horrible two faced Losers. Screw Your friends, screw your own brother, family, and make a buck!!
    Screw that show it’s boycotted in my eyes. A shame cause I was rooting for them… @$$ho#$

  43. Well if anyone has actually done the math on this shop it’s only staying in business because its being subsidized by discovery and part sponsors and of course richard rawlings. You have 4 grown men that share a profit of 20 grand per car that takes 2 months to build. Thats 2500 per person a month not counting shop rent overhead for the other mechanics etc. Don’t try this at home boys and girls.

  44. Wow, overseas so we are just now getting the season finale (commented in that thread).

    The good news is now I don’t need to watch the premiere or any more MG shows.

    Cancel this crap and lets see something with KC. He is in talks about something. Google “KC paint facebook”

    “August 3 at 9:51am ·

    A little change of pace at the shop today, a film crew… more details coming soon!”

  45. I stopped watching the show after season 1 for various reasons.

    1. I am guessing they got a show because of Richard Rawlings, so for Thomas Weeks to continuously insult him is not exactly the right thing to do.

    2. Thomas Weeks has always neglected Jordan and Tom. Tom being a big push-over, I expected him to just take the blows. But allowing Jordan to leave, and not standing by his side, that’s wrong!

    3. The show is just an exact copy of Fast’N’Loud, or should I say – an attempted copy. It’s boring to see the same things being done by a group of guys that are less talented.

    I don’t know how much longer Discovery will air this show, but I would like to think they may be losing audiences regularly, so maybe we will not be seeing Misfit Garage much longer.

  46. It was always obvious to me that JordAn had a bad attitude from day one at GMG. Always complaining and being negative and that same attitude carried over to Misfit. If you want to build a successful business and team you HAVE TO weed out those people. One bad apple spoils the bunch and that was Jordan Butler in a nut shell. None of his assumed talents could ever out weigh his negative attitude. There is a reason he was let go from GMG and a reason why the misfits let him walk. I bet his attitude has been a major factor all his life and that’s why he is where he is and why he doesn’t have his own shop. Attitude is everything people, EVERYTHING! you can always find someone else to wrench. Also, the crew needs leadership and Thomas naturally fit the bill. You didn’t hear any objection from anyone until Jordan left because they all know there strengths and know that Thomas has the character, knowledge and ATTUTUDE to be the face of Misfit Garage.

  47. Good riddance to Jordan too! Scott thought he was too good for the shop too, where’s his dumb lazy ass now? Yeah, they got Klump now. He works, and knows more than any of them together. Jordan’s attitude sucked anyway. Where was his loyalty when out riding his new boat, while claiming sick. Bring Soup bone back too, with a raise and apology! Thomas can buy and sell cars at least. Big fat Tom needs to go too. No wonder Gas Monkey got rid of him and Jordan and Scott. Rather watch Misfit Garage any day. At least they still build cars, not sit around and watch Demolition Theater every week like Gas Monkey does now! I watch Velocity Channel 246 here in Brownstown, Indiana. These shows, Graveyard Carl, Bitch in Rides, Iron Resurrection, Overhauling, Fantom Works at least all still build cars, not watching Internet videos every week. Boring Gas Monkey is anymore! My two cents!
    Bill Shaw Jr.

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