Maneka and Mayur of season 2 "Arranged"

‘Arranged’ Season 2: Bonus Scenes We Never Got To See in ‘Re-Arranged’, Why Was That?

FYI wrapped up season 2 of “Arranged” with a look-back special titled “Re-Arranged” and unlike a more typical “Where Are They Now?” episode, it presented us with something that highlighted each couple’s lighter side. Yes, they have those and it’s a shame we had to wait to see them.

There were precious few nuggets of  new information, as far as how the arranged marriages got past challenges; instead we watched them act like giddy newlyweds and goofy couples in love. A nice change, but it reflected poorly on the season as a whole. It felt out of character when compared to the season, almost incongruous.

What it did, at least for us, was to make us feel manipulated into thinking at least one of these marriages was in serious enough trouble for it to crater prior to the finale. Speaking of the finale, the drama and conflict ramped up until the final few minutes, when all of a sudden, the massive problems and issues disappeared. What’s that saying, “Turn that frown upside down”?

Editing is a challenge for production companies when they shoot daily and nightly, only to cut a show into ten episodes, more or less, and of course viewers keep tuning in to watch the train wrecks we are led to believe will produce mass casualties.  It might have been more believable if scenes from “Re-Arranged” were sprinkled throughout and set up in context. How would it have changed our view of the participants?

Watching Ben be goofy and Vicki being tolerant or participating in the action could have humanized him as a man, if not a husband. Mayur’s lack of interest in pleasing his wife on the day of their wedding by taking time to learn a couple of dance moves would have been seen in context once we saw him turn it around later and do something nice for Maneka.

We focused on the Melba vs. Taylor problem for weeks, then it literally vanished during the finale when everyone toasted Taylor’s new job and David’s birthday. Taylor’s lighter side, and the couple’s ability to banter and tease each other for laughs would have taken her out of the category of the villain and the “b” word.  How did you feel about the “Re-Aranged” special?

“Arranged” season 2 aire on FYI Network. Photo credit: FYI Network, used with permission 

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