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‘Braxton Family Values’ Season 5: Tamar’s Fried Chicken Behavior, Gabe’s Back For Real (VIDEO)

In “What’s the T With You and B?”, Gabe returned and it looks like for good and Evelyn walked a fashion show where Tamar ‘s surprising behavior brought up a big question on “Braxton Family Values”. In the last week, rumors have circulated about trouble in her marriage to Vince. Do you think the sisters were in on the scoop?

The episode kicked off with scenes from the final concert featuring Towanda and Trina as Toni Braxton’s backup singers and as it concluded she surprised the crowd with the appearance of Birdman, posing next to her on stage. It set off a storm of excitement both on and off the stage. Birdman made a sweep through the private room after dessert at a family meal and took Toni with him, flabbergasting the sisters and Evelyn who couldn’t get her to confirm he was her boyfriend.

Here’s thinking no one has to answer that since the lady was smiling like the Cheshire Cat in his presence. The title of the episode was only one of Tamar’s constant questions, as she chomped on her chicken, trying to get Toni it admit it. She was like a pesky fly you couldn’t swat away. Tamar’s behavior ramped up from there and at a fashion show where Miss Evelyn strutted her stuff, the girls sat in the front row, and it was back to Tamar and chicken, this time Chick-fil-A.

She shoved some in her designer purse while carrying a strawberry milkshake, that promptly got kicked over by Toni as they stood to applaud the show. They scrambled to wipe it up, but throughout the show Tamar kept eating, talking, and trying to defend her decision, blaming Toni for the pink mess on the floor. Watch the video clip below to see that the sisters return to little girl behavior, tattling on Tamar with each pointing the finger at the other for the spilled mess on the floor.

Here’s the question this brings up. Do you think the ladies knew as the show was filmed that there was big trouble in Tamar’s marriage? It would be difficult to ignore the gossip headlines of the previous week about cheating rumors on the part of Tamar and Vince deciding he’s had enough, with whispers of him wanting to fight for full custody of Logan.

The filming of Toni’s concert in Atlanta occurred a mere month before all the news began to leak, and Tamar’s behavior, while hilarious was more over-the top than usual.  Speaking of that, it appears that Gabe is back for the rest of the season, and in our opinion, that is not a good thing.

His superior attitude, his taunts and his sarcasm are things the show could do without. Trina’s stated purpose in getting him on camera is to smooth things over between them, so her sons can return to some kind of relationship with their step-father. His selfish reason for staying away for a year was just one reason to abhor the guy. Raise your hand if you think you’ll be happy to spend each week looking him for the rest of the season.

We tv airs new episodes of “Braxton Family Values” Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT   Image/video credit: WE tv, used with permission

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2 thoughts on “‘Braxton Family Values’ Season 5: Tamar’s Fried Chicken Behavior, Gabe’s Back For Real (VIDEO)

  1. Tamar is ridiculous! Sitting in the front row eating chicken and smacking her lips was so disrespectful! She truly lacks class.

  2. I actually like Gabe and respect that he was a father figure to Trina’s son when they were married. Trina acts like a shrew and wants everything her way. She shut the door on Gabe and the sons are grown.

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