‘Return to Amish’ Tonight: Why Is Mary Dragging Youngest Daughter Esther to New York City?

Fans of “Return to Amish” on TLC have not been disappointed so far this season if they are looking for drama. Not only have the many troubles of the group been brought to the forefront, but now they are in New York City; will it help them relive the glory days, or will it destroy their relationships completely?

Mary, who has been banished by the Amish church, is in NYC as well. It makes one wonder: Does she really want to keep hope alive of being accepted back into the Amish church, not to mention reestablishing her relationship with her husband, Chester, who is still part of the Amish community? On the one hand, she keeps saying how she did not want to be banished in the first place; on the other hand, well, she certainly doesn’t act like it.

And, one more question: Why is Mary dragging daughter Esther to NYC? Esther did not really seem to want to be there when she arrived last week, most likely feeling obligated to come because, well, her mother wanted her to. It just doesn’t seem fair to Esther. Mary said she wanted to give her the experience in NYC like she had, but that experience got Mary banished from the Amish community. She has indicated she did not want that to happen to her; does she want it to happen to her youngest daughter? It doesn’t really make sense.

But, hey, it’s a reality show, right? And, on “Return to Amish,” drama seems to rule.

Tonight, on an all-new episode of “Return to Amish,” according to TLC:


Mary brings her youngest daughter, Esther to New York City causing Rebecca to act negatively. Abe must decide if the cost of his impending dental work is compromising his Amish beliefs.

And, fans may want to hang around for an all-new episode of “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding,” as well:


Gypsy BFFs Amber and Stephanie are planning a double wedding, but a jealous cousin will stop at nothing to hijack the big day and steal back Amber’s fiancé! Gypsy wrestler Priscilla’s birthday may turn into a cage match if her father shows up uninvited.

Stay tuned.

“Return to Amish” is produced by Hot Snakes Media for TLC.

“Return to Amish” airs on TLC on Sunday nights at 9/8c; “My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding” follows at 10/9c.

Image:  TLC via Facebook

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2 thoughts on “‘Return to Amish’ Tonight: Why Is Mary Dragging Youngest Daughter Esther to New York City?

  1. I am no fan of Rebecca but Sabrina is just awful. She rips Rebecca & Abe for “not being there” for her while she was messing up her life – but doesn’t seem to be bothered that Kate was not involved with her at the same time, but Sabrina just slobbers about how great Kate is (l think Kate is a good person working toward admirable goals but l suspect what makes Sabrina all impressed with Kate is that Kate has a place of her own = crash pad, Kate is making $ & Kate isn’t aware of Sabrina ‘s worst behavior.)

    I think Sabrina is a selfish & unhappy person who is using Rebecca as an emotional punching bag. Jeremiah was wrong that it’s something for R & S to work out between themselves- Abe is right to protect his wife from Sabrina’s incoherent and obsessive tirades. Nobody should be forced to try to work out anything with someone of that kind of destructive mindset.

  2. Also l hope the child protection services in PA look at these episodes and think about whether a child should be in the hands of such an angry, irrational and obsessive individual.

    Whether she uses heroin is the least disturbing thing about Sabrina. She is dangerously unbalanced and l believe capable of harming someone in the throws of one of her tantrums.

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